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The Best 5 Websites to Book Your Holiday

Finally, here we are: after a hard year of work, it’s time to go on a holiday! Whether you decide to spend your holidays by the sea or in the mountains, in a large European metropolis or in a slightly quieter location, you have the opportunity to plan your holiday while sitting comfortably in your home. Why? Simple, by consulting a booking website and by doing a comfortable holiday home booking!


You can search for destinations with this travel search engine whether you are planning a particular destination or not. Simply type in your desired destination and dates or just look for ‘Anywhere’ and ‘Cheapest month’ if you’re looking for some inspiration. Car hire and accommodations are also available. Most of the deals are provided by third party holiday agencies, so it’s always a good idea to double-check customer reviews before booking.

The Private Travel Co.

If you have decided to treat yourself to a luxury escape, we suggest you check out The Private Travel Co. website. Luxury holidays play a major role in this website where you can choose between daily flash bookings for members. The membership is free-of-charge, and it can be used to search by holiday destination as well as by type of holiday, for example cruises and excursions or sightseeing tours and in lakes and mountains. There is also the possibility to set up a Wishlist, this way you can be warned as soon as your selected holiday location and dates are made available again on the website.


If you’re not focused on a specific destination, we recommend Groupon. Groupon offers a “Getaway” feature for members, providing temporary deals on everything, from boating holidays to South American tours. In addition, some of the options are unique, like ‘ Mystery Getaways’, where you discover your holiday destination only after booking it.

Booking takes the lead in the holiday home booking industry, with countless estates worldwide waiting to be booked via the website. The site has a complete search feature, allowing you to browse by city or hotel. You can easily you see a ‘book now pay later’ option, meaning that you only have to pay for hotel at the time of your check-in. Most of the time, hotels and B&B or resorts grant a cancellation free of charge until one week before your scheduled arrival, so that you can enjoy even greater flexibility.


Agoda first began as one of the hotel booking websites focusing on Asia, which remains a prominent feature on the home page, with properties in Malaysia, Thailand and other eastern destinations. But now that Agoda reached the United States, it delivers a unique website where you can book your holiday that best corresponds with some of the top hotel sites. Also there are situations where Agoda has offered better hotel packages compared to its competitors, such as a hotel research where the total cost of the reservation was over $200 cheaper than other websites. Also, do not expect this to happen each time, but Agoda proves to be worth a check out.


Similar to Groupon, Wowcher encompasses a wide spectrum of things, including a travel area that includes various types of holidays, from coastal holidays to safaris. Offers are offered for a restricted time frame, with different fare choices according to the date of the journey, departure airport, eventual extras, etc. In some cases only a deposit is charged and the travel agency is paid by the customer at a later time.


The Best Sites to Use to Plan Your Travel

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