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The Best 2020 Fall Hair Color Trends to Refresh Your Look in the Upcoming Season

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The seasonal shifts that take us from hot temps to cold breezes are often an inspiration to change our look. If your summer hair is in dire need of a refresh and you’re on the hunt for a hair color inspiration, you’ve found yourself in the right corner of the internet. From darker, rich tones to low maintenance blonde shades, here are the prettiest fall hair color trends.

Apple Cider Hair

fall hair color trends
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Photo By @abrilfguerra/Instagram

If you desire a crisp, warm copper shade to match the fall aesthetics, hop on the apple cider hair trend. The beautiful mix of warm tones will give you a classy, elegant look. This low maintenance hair color is very versatile, so you can hop on this trend no matter if you have a brunette, red or blonde base.

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