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The BeautyUplift ℠: A painless Route to Beauty & Anti Aging

Harvey Jay M.D., a Board Certified Dermatologist, is a world renowned authority and researcher in the clinical application of laser, intense pulsed light, and RF technology for the treatment of: aging skin, depressed scars, rosacea’s redness, blood vessels, flushing, burning, and stinging; as well as ingrown and unwanted hair (in ALL 6 skin types).

A Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology at Weill-Cornell Medical College, and an Assistant Attending Dermatologist at The NY-Presbyterian Hospital., Dr. Jay has successfully treated thousands of patients during the past twenty-five years in his Manhattan dermatology practice. In his hands, his technology has proven itself highly effective for treating many dermatological and cosmetic conditions including the ones listed above.

Viva Glam: What made you choose dermatology as your field?

Dr. Harvey Jay: I have always liked the concept of helping people and making people feel and look better. Dermatology allows me to diagnose and treat people of all ages, and to observe their physical and psychological improvements.

Viva Glam: It’s a broad field, what areas do you primarily focus on?

Dr. Harvey Jay: I primarily focus on the more challenging dermatological and cosmetic conditions that require extra effort and time. I have an international clientele and specialize in depressed scars produced by acne or chickenpox; aging skin’s wrinkles, sagging skin, dark spots, and blood vessels; rosacea’s redness, blood vessels, flushing, burning and stinging. I also treat unwanted and ingrown hairs in all 6 skin types. My role is frequently to repair the physical and psychological scars of new patients who have had prior negative experiences with cosmetic treatment, or to treat patient who are believed to be untreatable for various medical reasons.

Viva Glam: What do you think are some misconceptions that people have about dermatology?

Dr. Harvey Jay: Many people see Dermatology as an impersonal volume specialty where patients are seen for 2 minutes and sold expensive and frequently ineffective products. In many practices treatment is performed by paraprofessionals such as physician assistants or nurse practitioners, without patients ever seeing a Board Certified Dermatologist. I am a Board Certified Dermatologist, and I alone see and treat each patient in my office. Many doctors recommend products because of manufacturer remuneration. I believe in only utilizing scientifically proven medicines and devices.

Viva Glam: You’ve developed a method you call the Beauty Uplift‚Äö√ë‚Ć, how would you describe it?

Dr. Harvey Jay:
It’s a three stage program consisting of the Ultimate Light‚Äö√ë‚Ć method, the Sublime Refresher‚Äö√ë‚Ć method and BeautyUplift‚Äö√ë‚Ć cosmeceuticals.

Viva Glam: How do the different methods work?

Dr. Harvey Jay:
The Ultimate Light‚Äö√ë‚Ć method utilizes IPL (intense pulsed light) an advance over lasers in treatment of unwanted blood vessels and hairs, as well as photorejuvenation. Treatment is performed for rosacea’s blood vessels, redness, flushing, burning and stinging; as well as unwanted and ingrown hair in all 6 skin types, leg veins, and dark spots.

The Sublime Refresher℠ method utilizes radiofrequency and infrared light. The Sublime Refresher℠ method has two aspects which can be performed during one treatment session. The 1st aspect is immediate, painless, skin tightening of the deeper Dermis. Patients can see and feel their skin tighten immediately. Skin folds, wrinkles, and loose skin dramatically improve, and new collagen is produced over the next weeks. Patients can usually return immediately to work. The 2nd aspect treats the Epidermis and superficial Dermis.

Improvement of depressed scars (acne and chickenpox), fine lines and wrinkles are usually seen in 1 to 3 weeks. No anesthetic or pain medication has ever been required for either treatment aspect. Depending on the degree of treatment required for the 2nd aspect, most patients can either return to work immediately or in 1 to 2 days.

The Beauty Uplift℠ Cosmeceuticals and Skin Care Products prevent sun damage and restore skin beauty and heath.

Viva Glam: What are some of the biggest changes you’ve seen in the field since you started?

Dr. Harvey Jay: There are always advances in Dermatology. Some of these breakthroughs are seen with drugs to successfully benefit Melanoma patients, and in treating and preventing Neurological and Skin damage with low level light. Scientists are developing lifesaving products and techniques that can change our lives.

Viva Glam: Are there different treatments you suggest for people in different age ranges?

Dr. Harvey Jay: There are many treatments that can help people of any age, it just depends on what your conditions are as a patient. The treatment protocols may vary with a patient’s age, and skin sensitivity.

Viva Glam: What is the recovery time for most of the procedures?

Dr. Harvey Jay: All procedures are done in the office and patients can usually return to work or school immediately after treatment. Some patients prefer to go back to work in one or two days after the 2nd aspect of the Sublime Refresher℠ method.

Viva Glam: What changes or advances do you see in the horizon?

Dr. Harvey Jay: Exciting new medicines and procedures are enabling me to successfully treat conditions such as acne, depressed scars, rosacea, ingrown hairs, unwanted hairs, loose and wrinkled skin without pain, anesthetic, or bleeding. Many of these problems were virtually untreatable only a few years ago.

Dr. Harvey Jay’s Dermatology practice is located on Park Avenue and East 62 Street in Manhattan in the center of New York City. Check out Dr. Jay’s blog
for more information about his practice and medical procedures.

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