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The Baby Box Co. Redefines Glamour for New Moms

By Tosha Clemens

We know our Viva Glam readers are beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. That’s why we exclusively promote beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands that make the world a better place. The Baby Box Co. caught our eye because it is a sustainable, European inspired business that is truly making a difference with its eco-friendly designs and commitment to charitable outreach. Motherhood can be exhausting and overwhelming.Ælet’s face it, we all know new moms don’t always roll out of bed feeling fabulous! That’s why The Baby Box Co. is the perfect gift for new mommies. What could be more luxurious for the glam new mom in your life than a starter kit filled with the finest baby products that doubles as a safe sleep space?

Helping new mothers and babies is always in style.

Pamper new moms with The Baby Box Co. and feel good knowing that your purchase isn’t just making the recipient’s life better– it’s also saving the lives of women and children worldwide. Learn more about The Baby Box Co. from owners Michelle Vick and Jennifer Clary and use the exclusive Viva Glam discount code GlamBaby2014 when you shop to save 15%!

Fashion designer Meridith Elliot Layne chooses safety and style from The Baby Box Co. for her new baby, Goldie.

Viva Glam says it’s time for this company’s close-up!

The Baby Box Co. is a company inspired by the 75 year old Finnish tradition of providing expectant mothers a box of necessary items .Æ a “starter kit” for the new mom. Research has shown that once the boxes were introduced in Finland, infant mortality rates plummeted and the country is now considered one of the very best in the world in which to be a mother.
The Baby Box Co. has taken the concept of this starter kit and brought it to the United States in a very unique and exciting way.



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