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The Alkaline Diet Finally Explained

What exactly is the Alkaline Diet and is it for YOU?

You might have heard recently about the alkaline diet. After all, a lot of Hollywood celebs, like Victoria Beckham, ascribe to this way of eating. Many say it can help you lose weight and avoid issues like cancer and arthritis by eating foods that make your body more alkaline, therefore protecting yourself against certain ailments and avoiding cancer at the same time.

What are some of the foods that the alkaline diet wants you to avoid? Foods that cause your body to produce acid are eliminated from your diet. These foods include meat, wheat, dairy, eggs, canned foods, refined sugars, convenience foods, alcohol, caffeine, and processed foods.

So what are some of the foods you can eat? These include fruits, vegetables, tofu, soybeans, nuts, seeds, and legumes. This diet is almost entirely vegetarian and vegan as there is no dairy involved. It’s also ideal for people who have a lot of food allergies as milk and eggs are to be avoided.

The basic foods you eat on the alkaline diet are good for you, including fruits and vegetables. And by avoiding sugar, alcohol, processed, and canned foods, you can lose weight in a healthy manner. Also, because this diet avoids meat and cheese it can help prevent kidney stones and lower the risk of type 2 diabetes, as well as lower your blood pressure and cholesterol!

This diet might be a bit challenging at first, especially when you choose to go out to eat. A lot of foods we are used to eating are eliminated, such as anything out of a can or processed.
In today’s world, convenience is a factor and. at some point, we have all gone through a drive-thru. This diet means avoiding sugar as well and many of us have a sweet tooth! But this is not to say that it is impossible to follow this diet by any means. Rather, choose to have certain foods in moderation.

And as with any diet, check with your physician first before starting it. And remember, it’s important to exercise as diet is not a substitute for fitness!


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