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The 90’s Blowout Is Back For 2022 and It is Hotter Than Ever

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The 90’s blowout fad has returned, and it is stronger than before! Before we move forward, it feels like we need to go back through time and talk about the original 90’s blowout trend.

In the previous few years, modest aesthetics have been the norm. Blowouts gave way to buns and ‘unraveled’ hair, sharp lip liner gave way to lip glosses (often untinted ones), and authenticity trumped pretense. (Even if we’re all cognizant that a casual look has nothing to do with how much work was literally put in.)

Well, here’s the 90s blowout to shake things up! This hairstyle was successful on so many levels and for so many reasons. For one thing, it makes a statement! Thickness is one of the most important aspects of reproducing this look, and we’ll get to that shortly. Aside from adding volume, the blowout also makes your hair glossy, smooth, and gentle to the touch. Here are some ideas to help you rock the ever-trendy 90’s blowout in 2022.

The 90’s Blow Out Is Back For 2022, And It Is Hot 6
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Photo By @dymiryan/Instagram

This multilayered, voluminous hairdo is ideal for anybody seeking a long, bold, yet natural appearance.

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