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The 4th of July Makeup Looks that Won’t Make You Look Like a Clown

When it comes to 4thof July makeup, many take a Halloween approach to create it. Red, white and blue colors decorated with stripes and stars stickers can easily make your face look more like a clown versus pretty or fun. Especially this year, when the majority of makeup up trends are about using more makeup and getting really creative. While very young girls can get away with pretty much any look, young and more mature women, in general, want their appearance to be more sophisticated and often glamorous.

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Natural 4thof July Makeup Look

If you are more of a natural type, your safe and very quick 4thof July look can be just a bold red lip. Use the right shade of red for your complexion and keep the eye makeup very light. Let the lips do “all the talking”. Perhaps, try one of these red Karmela lipsticks and wear a simple red, white and blue romper to be the focus of your look.

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american flag clothing
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Glamour 4thof July Makeup Look

If you are a glam girl who likes to look classy, create a simple yet glamorous look that will turn everyone’s heads. Makeup America has you covered with the right shades of patriotic colors. Try wearing blue nails to create a contrast with your red lips.

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A good rule to follow is the balance between makeup and clothing. While the natural makeup style we talked about earlier can use clothing that is more extravagant or fun, with glamour makeup, I suggest going with more simple styling. Perhaps a white summer dress that will make your makeup and blue nails really pop is a great choice. If you plan on hitting a pool, wear white bikini and grab your Pool Candy Stars and Stripes Pool Tube or beach ball. 

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Now, you’re Insta ready for your 4thof July selfie!

“No Makeup” 4thof July Makeup Look

And if you don’t really wear makeup or if you plan to spend this holiday by the beach where it is super windy or chilly, don’t forget to pack a warm and soft blanket/sweatshirt in patriotic colors. This “one size fits all” sweatshirt will keep you warm and comfortable through the night’s fireworks.

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Since makeup is not your thing, be sure to keep a moisturizing lip balm with you to keep your lips moist and super soft.

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Have a happy 4thof July!

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