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10 Quick and Easy Ways to Achieve a Seductive Look


Feminine, not Masculine.

No matter how in style oversized jeans and sweats are, never underestimate the power of a feminine dress.
Men don’t want you to look like them. Rather, they are attracted to lace and romantic styles that are timeless. Sophisticated dresses are fun and flirty. Remember, think romance, femininity and the anticipation of what’s next!


Wear Your Hair Down

In addition to having big, sexy hair, a recent poll showed that men overwhelmingly preferred women with long hair that is worn down, not up. So, let it all hang loose and think Raquel Welch in “One Million Years BC”. Hair that is beachy and natural is attractive to men so don’t worry about having to have “perfect” hair. Rather, let it loose and let it be sexy!


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