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Ten Gifts You DON’T Want to Give Your Girlfriend this Holiday

Men, listen up, here is a list of gifts you don’t want to give your girlfriend this holiday season. Remember, if you give these, you will be on the Naughty List this Christmas!

  1. Vacuum Cleaner. We don’t want appliances for the holidays.
    Don’t even try to use the line, “But it’s practical.” We don’t want practicality.
    We want indulgence.
  2. Cheap Perfume. Cheap perfume smells exactly like that: cheap. Unless you want us to smell like window cleaner, purchase only expensive Italian or French perfumes.
    We can tell the difference.
    No drug store brands, please.
  3. Designer Knockoffs. Women know the difference.
    We want the real deal or nothing.
    Don’t even attempt to sell us on the benefits of a knockoff.
    It is Chanel, not Channel.
  4. Things for Our Car. No, we don’t care about new windshield wiper blades.
    Sure, we may need them, but don’t even attempt to stuff these into our stocking this Christmas!
  5. Tupperware. No. Enough!
  6. Sports Memorabilia.Just because the Redskins are your favorite team, it doesn’t mean we want to wear a baseball cap with an Indian on it.
  7. Video Games. You may like the newest version of Navy Commando.
    We do not.
  8. Diamente Anything. Glass diamonds are not a way to say “I Love You”.
    Rather, you are saying, “I am cheap and want you to look even cheaper.”
  9. Tube Socks. Yes, they come 3 in a package.
    And no, we don’t care.
    Don’t get them for stocking stuffers because they are bulky and will fill a sock up quickly.
    We know this trick and it is not appreciated.
  10. A Fruitcake.Who really likes fruitcake anyways? It is hard, dry and bricklike. Don’t attempt to recycle one that you received at the office Christmas party either.We don’t want it and either does anyone else.

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