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TARAMAR Iceland’s Secret to Healthy Skin

TARAMAR is the Icelandic unisex skincare brand preferred by actors of the National Theater

TARAMAR introduces a revolutionary concept to the skincare market – a brand that bridges the two worlds of cosmetics, the Green Organic world of pure and safe skincare and the technological world of active and functionally effective skincare.

TARAMAR products are made from carefully selected natural and organically certified ingredients from Icelandic nature, which are then infused together with cutting-edge NoTox® technology. This patented technology boycotts all harmful chemicals, including the conventional preservatives that are strongly suspected of harming body systems and organs.

How Taramar Products Unlock the Power of Iceland?

It has been thrilling to witness the impact that TARAMAR has had on the Icelandic market in the last 5 years, says Gudrun (Runa) Marteinsdottir, Professor at the University of Iceland and the founder of TARAMAR. Before, there were no available solutions that provided both absolute purity and real anti-aging skin-reforming effects. The entrance of TARAMAR to the market has created new opportunities in skincare for people who are globally conscious and like to put safety and their well-being first. 

One of the key ingredients used in their products is Icelandic seaweed. Seaweed is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that help to protect the skin from environmental stressors and provide deep hydration. 

TARAMAR’s products also contain Icelandic water, known for its purity and high mineral content. This water is sourced from Iceland’s glaciers and is free of pollutants and chemicals, making it ideal for skincare products. The brand also uses other natural ingredients, such as Arctic berries, mosses, and herbs used for centuries in Icelandic traditional medicine.

The Story of TARAMAR

The company has created natural skincare products free from synthetic chemicals, preservatives, and artificial fragrances. These products provide an effective solution for people who want to care for their skin without exposing themselves to potentially harmful substances. With TARAMAR’s entrance into the market, people now have access to natural anti-aging skincare solutions that they can trust to be safe and effective. 

The Benefits of Using TARAMAR Products

No More Harmful Chemicals – Only Pure Bioactive from The Icelandic Nature

Today a significant part of the Icelandic population has switched from chemically overloaded skincare to TARAMAR. Experienced skincare users such as famous actors of the Icelandic National Theater and other celebrities prefer to use TARAMAR to safeguard their skin and minimize the negative effects of heavy makeup needed on stage.

Pure Skincare Club for Globally Conscious People

TARAMAR has only recently introduced its Pure Skincare Club on the international market. In Iceland, the Club has revolutionized the way people view skin care. With more than 6000 members, it contains many famous performers who always have a full stock of the key products. 

These performers use various methods to keep their skin looking young and healthy, including using Taramar’s natural skincare products. The Pure Skincare Club provides its members with a wealth of skincare information. With access to the Club, members can gain an in-depth understanding of skincare products and treatments and access exclusive discounts and offers.

How To Join the Taramar’s Club? 

For those interested in joining the Club, becoming a member does not cost anything. On the contrary, each new member receives $30 into their account for an initial purchase of TARAMAR products. See more information on the Pure Skincare Club here:

The Science Behind Taramar Product

It has been a long journey, says Gudrun, a Life and Environmental Sciences professor at the University of Iceland. The TARAMAR product is based on extensive research on marine plants in my field and food science performed by my husband, Professor Kristbergsson, that dates back to the 1980s. This long preparation time has resulted in a unique outcome – an innovative skincare more similar to food than those traditional options packed with chemicals. Indeed, all the TARAMAR products are made from food-grade ingredients and are technically edible.

TARAMAR Has Achieved 30 International Awards

The TARAMAR products have received 30 international awards for quality, purity, efficacy, and innovation. The TARAMAR scientific team has also received many recognitions for outstanding research and development and a total of seven Seals of Excellence from the European Union. 

Laboratory Result of Taramar Products

Many of the TARAMAR products have been tested by an independent laboratory and confirmed to provide remarkable results, reflected in healthier, firmer, smoother, and more even skin with higher levels of collagen growth and long-lasting Moisture.

Result Of Taramar’s Test Conducted Among Users 

TARAMAR has also conducted its skin evaluation among hundreds of Icelandic users. The results were astonishing. In only a few days, the skin undergoes highly significant changes with up to a 46% decrease in pores and uneven texture (up to 80% in 4 weeks). People suffering from red skin issues, such as rosacea, have also experienced relief. On average, red skin decreased by 33% on day 30 and nearly disappeared by day 90. See more information at

TARAMAR’s Best-Selling Products

  • Icelandic Seaweed Cleanser 
  • The Arctic Moisture Boost Serum
  • The Nordic Hydra Cream. 
  • The Icelandic Seaweed Cleansing
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