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Take Inspiration From These Statement Hair Colors Showcased by the Pros

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Are you tired of your existing hair color? Well, good news, it’s not hard to discover new hair colors. Typically, there is a large selection of samples all over the internet. However, picking a hair color that complements your personality and appearance is a typical problem. With the beginning of a new year comes an irrational desire to switch things up. We anticipate that statement hair colors will be all the rage in 2022. These hair color trends, ranging from milky blondes to shiny brunettes, are here to inspire you. You’ll discover a variety of colors to wear in the winter, springtime, and summer.

Moreover, take inspiration from the hair color trends and inspirations we’ve compiled in this post if you’re seeking some creativity.

Take Inspiration From These Statement Hair Colors According To The Pros
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Photo by @hairby_kimberlyc/Instagram

The rich tones of a stunning burgundy provide excellent framing and contrast for all complexions. However, these colors are ideal for the bashful lady who wants to make a statement or the carefree soul who craves attention. Therefore, this beautiful color is just ready for you.

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