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All posts tagged "vegan dessert"

  • How to Make Vegan Jello Shots

    Giving up animal products doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun, even the alcoholic kind. Most hard...

    FoodAishwarya AnandanathanApril 11, 2018
  • Tasty Twists on Belgian Waffles

    Belgian waffles aren’t just for breakfast anymore! When I was a child, I grew up for a portion of the time...

    FoodCandace KitaNovember 15, 2017
  • Dulce de Leche, Sans Leche

    Dulce de leche is a divinely indulgent sauce that is made by slowly heating milk. Warming milk gradually for a long...

    FoodAishwarya AnandanathanNovember 1, 2017
  • How to Make Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies

    Who doesn’t love the rich, inviting taste of peanut butter cookies! They always feel like fall to me. One of the...

    FoodMichelle HarrisOctober 25, 2017
  • WATCH: How to Make Homemade “Dole Whip”

    How can YOU create this tasty island treat at home? I remember experiencing my first Dole Whip. It was at Disneyland...

    FoodvivaglamSeptember 1, 2017
  • The Nice Cream Recipe That Dreams Are Made Of

    “It’s a cool, cool summer,” said no one! With the heat waves, humidity and sweat alert on high, a sweet frozen...

    FoodAllison VotaJuly 26, 2017
  • Raw Chocolate “Cheesecake” Recipe

    If you have a craving for chocolate, this raw chocolate “cheesecake” will figuratively blow your mind! It took me some time...

    FoodCarlos MartinezJuly 12, 2017
  • Double Chocolate Nicecream Parfait

    If you love chocolate just as much as I do this will be the best dessert (or breakfast) that you could...

    FoodCarlos MartinezJune 21, 2017