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  • 7 Leafy Greens Rich in Protein

    Animal products are the most common sources of protein. But, a lot of plant-based products also have this macronutrient, like some...

    FoodvivaglamSeptember 9, 2019
  • Celebrate the Launch of National Superfoods Day!

    Today is the official launch of National Superfoods Day! Are you ready to get healthy? Rhythm Superfoods and Milk & Honey...

    FoodCandace KitaJanuary 16, 2018
  • A List of Popular Superfoods, Then & Now.

    Remember 15 years ago when fats (avocado and coconut, for example) were really bad for you? Turns out, we now know...

    FoodvivaglamJuly 5, 2017
  • Deez Nuts Are The Top 5 Most Nutritious Nuts

    Nuts are a great source of protein, fat and minerals, and they provide a healthy boost of energy whenever we need...

    FoodvivaglamMay 24, 2017
  • What’s Wholly-Awesome at Whole Foods

    Whole Foods Everyone knows that Whole Foods is the best chain grocery store for finding organic, vegan, and natural options for...

    Cooking TipsvivaglamApril 12, 2017
  • Better Ways To Boost Your Energy

      You can easily boost your energy by drinking more green tea, eating foods enriched with Vitamin B and taking supplements...

    FoodChrista AlexisDecember 1, 2016
  • These are the Healthiest Cities in America

    The healthier cities of America lie on the coasts. Port cities have always been ahead of the game, since the beginning...

    HealthBrianne NemiroffOctober 25, 2016
  • Vegan Substitutions at the Cheesecake Factory

    Just because it’s not vegan/vegetarian on The Cheesecake Factory menu, doesn’t mean it can’t be. I mentioned in an earlier blog,...

    Cooking TipsTanjareen ThomasAugust 17, 2016