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  • 5 Ways Eating Grapefruit Can Improve Your Health

    Grapefruit is one of America’s most popular breakfast foods. While many people have trouble consuming such a tart fruit, there are...

    FoodMaria Dolores GarciaMay 16, 2018
  • Why Spirulina is Popping Up All Over Instagram

    Spirulina is a dark green powder commonly added to various foods and drinks. You might have noticed spirulina adding a vibrant...

    FoodMaria Dolores GarciaApril 25, 2018
  • Is Blue Majik Good for You?

    What is Instagram’s latest food trend, Blue Majik? What is the trendiest food on Instagram right now? Well, believe it or...

    FoodCandace KitaJanuary 22, 2018
  • Moringa: The Superfruit Women Should Know About

    What is moringa and what can it do for YOU? You might not yet be familiar with this new superfood, but...

    FoodCandace KitaJanuary 17, 2018
  • 5 Great Benefits of Cauliflower

    It is not wrong to assume that the innumerable curves and folds in a cauliflower are a reflection of the myriad...

    HealthYss GuerreroJanuary 10, 2018
  • Simple Spring Salads

    Springtime brings a beautiful bounty of fruits and vegetables. Here are some simple spring salads to perk up any meal!  ...

    FoodvivaglamMarch 22, 2017
  • Would You Like Some Mushrooms With Your Coffee?

                  Whoa.what? By now you’re well aware of the coffee boom we’re experiencing around the...

    FoodvivaglamMarch 22, 2017
  • Food Trend: Sea Vegetables

    We know what you’re thinking; vegetables from the sea? What on earth is all that about? There are a lot of...

    FoodvivaglamMarch 1, 2017
  • These Anti-Aging Superfruits Will Make You Feel Great

    Superfruits are natural powerhouses! They are some of Mother Nature’s most nutrient-dense foods. They also have amazing benefits for our health...

    Cooking TipsMichelle HarrisJuly 14, 2016