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  • Vegan Beauty: 7 Brands You Need To Know About

    Vegan beauty fever has reached the beauty industry. This means that there are personal care, facial, and makeup products that do not...

    BeautyYss GuerreroFebruary 5, 2018
  • How to Ground Yourself When the World’s Gone Mad

    In a world that’s filled with chaos and turmoil, it’s becoming increasingly important to stay grounded. But what does it mean...

    HealthAishwarya AnandanathanSeptember 7, 2017
  • Want to Boost Your Creativity? Go Outside!

    The intoxicating fragrance of flowers in bloom, a warm summer’s breeze, the warming glow of the sun on your skin and...

    HealthJessica SteinbergApril 14, 2016

    It’s important that our soul feels at home where we are. To do our greatest life work, we must have hope,...

    Shifting Points by Myster BluMyster BluApril 9, 2016
  • VIVA GLAM in the Rain Room at the LACMA

    The Rain Room at the LACMA has become of the biggest social media phenomenons in the Los Angeles area. A room...

    EntertainmentBrianne NemiroffMarch 3, 2016
  • 5 Ways to See the Good in Everyone- Even You!

    "Through the ego, there is no completely objective view of anyone or anything." Bo L. Arnold

    Great MindBo L. ArnoldFebruary 15, 2014