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  • How to Deal with Phobias

    Phobia simply refers to fear. It is more or less a state of mind, when it starts to panic under a...

    BeautyvivaglamJune 20, 2019
  • Shifting Through Fear in Flight

    Something nobody knows about me: I’M TERRIFIED TO FLY!!! I was confronted head on with one of my biggest fears the...

    Shifting Points by Myster BluMyster BluOctober 8, 2016
  • A Spiritual Visionary, Danielle Hernandez

    Danielle Hernandez is a personal trainer and nutritionist. Occasionally, you have the pleasure of meeting a person and right away, knowing...

    HealthvivaglamSeptember 5, 2016
  • “I Love You, but.” – Recognizing Conditional Love

    Trained for Conditional Love We probably aren’t aware of it, but most of us have said the following to someone we...

    Great MindBo L. ArnoldApril 18, 2015