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  • Fun, Inspiring Crafting Ideas to Help You Welcome Winter

    Adults can enjoy a relaxing afternoon crafting creative projects. You can do this activity if you’re feeling bored. Remember, crafting is...

    EntertainmentMaria Dolores GarciaNovember 24, 2022
  • The Benefits of Arts and Crafts for Adults

    Nowadays, most adults feel stressed and overwhelmed because of their demanding schedules at work and home. The good news is that...

    EntertainmentMaria Dolores GarciaSeptember 6, 2021
  • The Best Craft Ideas for Summer

    Summer is the time of the year to relax and enjoy the heat. But, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be...

    EntertainmentMaria Dolores GarciaJune 14, 2021
  • Use Fabric to Make Arts and Crafts

    Fabric is a great material for arts and crafts. Compared to paper, it is more durable and flexible. Plus, it is...

    EntertainmentMaria Dolores GarciaApril 29, 2021
  • The Benefits of Art for Adults

    A common misconception about crafting art is that it is only for the gifted or those with artistic talent. However, anyone...

    HealthMaria Dolores GarciaJanuary 15, 2021
  • The Effects of Arts & Crafts on Seniors

    As we retire and grow older, it is quite possible that we completely lose our sense of purpose. Not in every...

    WellnessMalorie MackeyJuly 10, 2020
  • Ways to Display Your Best Photos Apart from Instagram

    Memories – the perfect way to relive all the grand and incredible moments you have once cherished and lived within. Especially...

    BeautyvivaglamJanuary 22, 2020