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  • The Best Natural Ways to Get Collagen as a Vegan

    Collagen is one of the essential proteins necessary so that your skin can maintain its firmness, plumpness, and radiance. For this...

    BeautyMaria Dolores GarciaAugust 27, 2021
  • Boost Your Collagen While on a Vegan Diet

    Collagen is getting a lot of hype nowadays because of its role in giving your skin a younger appearance and strengthening...

    BeautyMaria Dolores GarciaMarch 26, 2021
  • How to Get Collagen If You’re a Vegan: What You Can Eat

    As you know, your body’s collagen production declines as you age, making your skin prone to wrinkles. For this reason, a...

    FoodMaria Dolores GarciaFebruary 3, 2021
  • Veggies that Boost Collagen Levels

    Collagen is a protein that gives your skin elasticity and suppleness. However, our bodies’ collagen production decreases as we age. As...

    BeautyMaria Dolores GarciaJanuary 20, 2021
  • How to Increase Collagen Levels

    Collagen is a protein that keeps your skin supple and youthful. Unfortunately, our bodies’ collagen production depletes as we age. The...

    BeautyMaria Dolores GarciaJanuary 11, 2021
  • Look Your Most Youthful with Ellanse

    Each year, we add another number to our age, and for some people, that’s another wrinkle, fine line, or saggy area...

    BeautyMegan TaylorOctober 12, 2020
  • Our Favorite Products from the Sea

    The sea remains one of the world’s greatest mysteries. In fact, we have only discovered approximately 5% of the ocean, leaving...

    BeautyMalorie MackeyOctober 9, 2020
  • 6 Vegan Foods that Boost Collagen Production

    Collagen is a protein that makes our skin strong and elastic. Unfortunately, as we grow older, our bodies’ collagen production declines,...

    BeautyMaria Dolores GarciaApril 12, 2018