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T-Shirt Design Combinations That Will Make You Stand Out

T-shirts have always been the easiest choice of outfit to make you stand out, whether we’re talking about casual or formal attire. There is always a broad spectrum of creative and artistic designs for tees that help support individuals, movements, and communities across the world. Although some might consider them as “just t-shirts”, others think of them as a creative outlet where they can freely express themselves.

There is a vast variety of design combinations one can think of, but below are some examples that might give you an idea about the ways you can stand out in a crowd.

Drawn designs

Drawn designs are very popular as they are super creative and cool, and you can combine them with whatever outfit you can think of. They bring a unique sense of style and will make you stand out. Usually, people combine cool drawn and graphic designs with darker shades, as they will make the pictures and texts stand out, better than lighter color tees.

For example, imagine an outfit combo with a black Not Today Satan shirt with a wicked retro design and leather pants. And if you add a funky blazer and heels, it will bring out a cool yet classy look. 

Color combinations

Combining colorful t-shirts with colorful designs is the easiest way to stand out because you can mix them up with different color designs, texts, pictures, and so on. Whether dark or light shades, depending on the message you want to deliver, the options are endless. From classic black and white to orange and blue, it all depends on how much you want to stand out. Try contrasting colors as much as possible, and you’ll find your perfect tee combination.

For example, orange with red and yellow not only is beautiful but also feels energetic and fun. Printing designs with similar warm colors like red and yellow will give off a chic and exotic look.

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Photo by Parker Burchfield from Unsplash


One of the most used t-shirt designs is typography. But, remember that the choice of font can make or break a t-shirts’ design. You might want to use other fonts rather than ones like Times New Roman, Arial, or Helvetica, as they look great on books but will make your t-shirt look dull. Bear in mind that the font can change the mood of the design.

For example, you can use fonts like Permanent Marker, Peace Sans, or Faster One, if you want to look different and cool. Imagine using the Permanent Marker font, it might look like someone drew on your tee with a fat-tipped Sharpie.

Doodle artwork

What better way to have the coolest tee if not designing it yourself? Doodling can be done in any way possible, from wavy lines to various shapes of all sizes and colors. Let your imagination run wild and use your playfulness to create a unique piece of wardrobe. It doesn’t even have to look perfect, you can just get funky and doodle whatever comes to mind. Also, try not to delete and redo, just leave it like that and see what the final result is.

For example, you can write your cool quote and draw something that you like, or something meaningful. It will always look interesting and distinctive. Let your creativity speak for itself.


Digital illustrations are closely connected with drawn designs and doodling artwork, but they can be so much more than that, from illustrative portraits to characters from your favorite anime. You can do it yourself or ask an artist, and you can even find already illustrated artwork on many online shops. Nowadays they have become a go-to design idea for many people, as digital drawing has become more and more popular. 

For example, you can choose the design to be a picture or a text. You can even choose a very small illustration to put on the left corner of the t-shirt if you want to make it look cool yet not so bold.

Final thoughts

There are plenty of other design combinations like using big photos or collages on a plain white or black t-shirt, faded t-shirts with vintage lettering, and many more that one can think of, but it is often difficult to choose the right design to go with the right t-shirt material and color. You can either choose an artist or design it yourself, but hopefully, the above-mentioned ideas can help you decide what your next cool t-shirt will be like. Don’t forget to make it as playful as possible and enjoy becoming a stylish icon others would look up to.          

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