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This Swedish Workout Trend is Helping to Save the Planet

There’s a new must-try fitness trend that’s making the rounds.ÆPlogging.

This form of exercise originated in Sweden and has the world of fitness buzzing. “Plocka upp” is a Swedish term that translates to picking up. Plogging is a combination of this word with jogging. The best part about plogging is that it keeps you fit while benefiting the environment.

What is Plogging?

Unlike many other workout trends that are practically impossible to stick to for the average fitness seeker, plogging is pretty straightforward. All it involves is picking up trash while jogging.

Although the term was first used back in 2016 on Instagram, the trend is relatively new in the United States. Lately, it has been popping up all over the world.

Organizations like Keep America Beautiful who aim to keep the environment clean have fully embraced this trend. There are also several fitness apps that have recently popped up that support plogging. Here are a few reasons to give this exercise form a try.

It Gives You a Sense of Control and Confidence

The thought that you have no semblance of control over your environment, neighborhood, and life can lead to feelings of incompetence and self-consciousness. Plogging can give you a sense of control by helping you feel like you’re making a difference. It will help you build confidence, resilience, and determination regardless of your size, gender, or weight. As you get fitter, you’ll also feel more attractive and ready to take on the world.

It Provides Stress Relief

It’s well known that running and jogging are great at busting stress. This is due to the chemical endorphins that are released when you go for a run, as your heart rate accelerates. Plogging has similar stress-busting qualities. In addition to the feel-good endorphins that are released, this form of exercise allows your mind to switch off since it requires less active thinking. So, you can let go of any thoughts that are weighing you down, while helping the environment.

It Keeps You Physically Fit

Apart from the emotional and psychological benefits of plogging, it also keeps you in shape. Like interval training, you are required to run for short periods with squats and lunges in between. This will help you burn more calories and boost your endurance more than regular running.


As with any form of exercise, there are some risks involved with plogging. If you focus too much on a single muscle group, it can lead to imbalances. This could increase your risk of injury and trigger neck or back pain.

When carrying litter, make sure you switch hands periodically and hold it for an equal amount of time on either side. Make sure you lunge or squat to pick up the junk you find to maximize the benefits of plogging.



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