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Supermodel Candice Swanepoel Launches Vegan Shoe Line with Mara & Mine!

The Victoria’s Secret supermodel Candice Swanepoel
helped design an animal-friendly line of luxury shoes!


One of the sexiest supermodels in the world is collaborating with Mara & Mine, a Los Angeles based shoe company, to design their first ever vegan collection!

That’s right, ICYDK, Mara and Mine is debuting their new, animal-friendly collection on May 6th! This super stylish line will showcase four sandals for summer. And all of these designs will feature vegan leather. Plus, they were designed with direct input from Candice herself! The South African supermodel said, “I wanted to create a summer collection that is flattering, simple and ethical to show people that vegan accessories can be just as beautiful and luxurious as leather accessories.”

This partnership came about because Candice was introduced to Tamara Ingham and Jasmine Yarbrough, creators of Mine & Mara, through a mutual friend. They met in New York City and ended up hitting it off so they discussed working on a collection of sustainable accessories. Candice just happened to be pregnant at the time and was taking time off from modeling. So she felt like this was a great project to work on!

What was her inspiration in creating this new line? Candice Swanepoel said she loves the summer, traveling and her bohemian style. She wanted a line that is simple and ethical and she wanted to show the world that vegan accessories are just as luxurious as real leather. She went on to say that these sandals are the basics that you will take with you everywhere you go. And that they go with just about everything from casual outfits to a night on the town!


And while Mara & Mine’s co-founder Jasmine Yarbrough said that working with vegan textiles was new to them, it was not difficult to develop this new collection. She said, “We were very impressed by the quality and how real they looked (vegan leathers).”



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