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Summer of Open Wineries is the Perfect Way to Celebrate the End of Summer

2020 has been one tough year to say the least. And with summer ending, I’d say it’s time to celebrate that we’ve made it this far through the year. If you’re near the Dresden Elbland region of Germany (or in a close proximity to travel that way), then you happen to be in luck because it’s the “Summer of Open Wineries”!

Since being outside is the safest way to be around others right now (with six feet of distance, of course), wineries throughout the German countryside are organizing outdoor events both large and small ranging from guided tours, wine tastings, culinary affairs, and more! With close to 30 vineyards and wineries participating, you have a lot of events to choose from! So, salvage the remaining pieces of your summer (and your year), and spend September and October enjoying the German countryside and unwinding with delicious wine!

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Imagine, after all this time trapped inside, you are out in the sun, walking through lush green fields, and smiling as you swirl the wine glass in your hand. Doesn’t visiting a winery sound like the best idea right now? Experience wines from Kastler Friedland while enjoying some light food and occasional live music at Wine Bar on Neufriedstein. Enjoy wines with a view and tarte flambee from Winemaker Lutz Muller. Enjoy the beautiful classic buildings and rolling hills at the Aust Winery. Visit the site here to get inspired by all the beautiful locations and pick the wine experience that is right for you:

If you’re stuck in the US like we are and are unable to travel abroad anywhere, be sure to find wineries in your area. They will most likely not be throwing exciting events like the “Summer of Open Wineries”, but many of them are hosting outdoor tasting and CDC complaint affairs. The step into nature and a delicious glass of wine is surely worth the excursion out.

Or, if wine isn’t for you, try visiting the Ojai Olive Oil Company just north of Los Angeles. They have just begun allowing olive oil tastings, and it is an amazingly unique experience to close out your summer with. The tastings are like nothing you have experienced before, and it will surely put you in a pleasant mood to get outside and experience new things again!

Here’s to finding nearby adventures as we close out 2020! And we are super jealous of anyone who gets to experience the Summer of Open Wineries in Germany!

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