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Summer is Peak Season for These Travel Spots

Summer is coming, and sooner than you think. Do you have a destination for your vacation in mind, by any chance? If you haven’t thought about it, then you might want to start, and in anticipation of that epiphany, we’ve taken the liberty of putting together five of the best summer destinations in the world. You don’t have to take our advice, but we promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Maui: A Hawaiian Destination

When people think of visiting Hawaii on their vacation they usually think of going to the big island, but Maui is a definite experience. It’s not as big as the Big Island, and it’s not as small as Kauai. It also isn’t quite as busy as Oahu, so for those looking for a more moderate experience, Maui is just right. There’s plenty to do when you visit, whether you want to golf, experience the professional hula dancers, or even go snorkeling beneath the crystal clear blue waters. Trust us, when you tell people that you’ve been to Maui, they’re going to be jealous beyond belief.

Santorini: Another World

If you’ve ever wanted to step into a matte painting and experience another world, then the coastal city of Santorini is definitely the spot you want to visit. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, from the beautiful and colorful beaches all the way to the ancient architecture that will challenge the imagination. Make sure you plan at least a week here because you’re going to need it if you plan to experience everything that it has to offer.

Fiji: A Tropical Getaway

If a tropical vacation is on the menu, then Fiji should definitely be at the top of your list. It features some of the most beautiful turquoise waters along with glittering sands, amazing resorts, and if you’re not planning to go alone, the island definitely does a great job of catering to couples. If you are going solo, however, adventure-seekers like you will find plenty to do, whether it’s surfing, or heading beneath the waves on a snorkeling expedition.

Barcelona: Your Dream Destination

Barcelona is an interesting combination of historical and strange – a combination that you will come to relish. The city seems to do a great job of housing one of the country’s hottest nightlife scenes, while simultaneously presenting the more conservative side, as the place is dotted with sacred churches and old cathedrals. Stay for a few days, stay for a week, but most importantly: enjoy yourself.

Scotland: The One We Couldn’t Leave Out

In a list of hot summer vacation spots, it would be an absolute crime to leave Scotland out of the loops. It’s a beautiful and ancient part of the United Kingdom, sharing a border with England, while the rest is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, and flanked by the Irish Sea. Scotland is comprised of more than 790 islands, meaning you’ll never run out of things to see.

Visit one of these hotspots this summer – you aren’t going to regret it.

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