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Stylish Work Wardrobe Essentials for Women

For most of us, 2023 has seen a departure from the full-time remote working of the pandemic. Offices are once again operational, and at the very least employees are expected to be on a hybrid working plan. While it may be acceptable to don a work blouse on top of your pyjamas for a video call, physical interaction with your colleagues and clients means a return to proper workwear.

Even if you prefer casual clothes to your work wardrobe, there is a joy to be found in dressing for the office. This is especially true now that we no longer need to coordinate outfits on a daily basis! Keep yourself feeling motivated and glamorous with these stylish work wardrobe essentials for women.

Compartmentalised bag

The primary concern with workwear is functionality. Of course style is a factor, but our work wardrobe should be as useful as it is fashionable.

Enter: the compartmentalised bag. Depending on your personal style and type of commute, this can be a neat backpack crafted from quality materials or a large tote bag with a section for your laptop. Extra pockets for your phone, purse, keys, and make-up bag will help to keep you organised and protect your possessions from becoming damaged.

Statement watch

Whatever industry you work in, timekeeping is likely to be an essential part of your day-to-day job. A statement watch with an elegant design is the perfect way to stay punctual while remaining trendy.

It is easy to match your watch to your other everyday accessories to ensure that they all work together. Various metals and materials are available for the strap, and you can choose a watch face in the same colour as your jewellery.

Tailored blazers

Keen to feel like a boss on your office days? No matter your role within the company, you can give yourself an air of importance with a well-tailored blazer.

Blazers have a business edge that can inspire confidence and straightforward communication in the wearer. Pair with some perfectly tailored trousers or a slinky pencil skirt and you’ll feel unstoppable!

Feminine pieces

If you dislike the masculine lines of tailored suits, offset this by incorporating feminine touches into your workwear.

For example, include a blouse in a floral print or a chiffon material. In winter, bold colour cardigans or jumpers with sequin notes help to lift an otherwise serious office outfit.

Block shoes and boots

Gone are the days when women were confined to kitten heels and ballet pumps as appropriate work footwear. Rejoice in the combined comfort and style of block shoes and boots!

Popular women’s work shoes for 2023 include the penny loafer, a chunky masculine flat, and the classic loafer which has a more streamlined design. Heading into spring means saying goodbye to the boot for the most part, but brogues and block-heel sandals provide the same stability in a summer-weight style. 

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