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4 Stylish Ways to Renew your Handbags

There’s always that wallet or purse that you love to wear. Except it may be starting to look old or out-of-style; maybe it needs something to breath new life into it. Don’t worry! There are many ways to make it fresh and stylish all over again. Here are some great DIY ideas to turn an old handbag into a new, chic item.

Wrap The Strap Of Your Bag With A Ribbon

The straps are generally the first part of a handbag to get ruined. When that happens, get rid of the existing strap, or just place it inside the bag, and wrap a ribbon to whatever hardware is attached to the bag. Or wrap the ribbon over the old straps. A single knot can look better than a double knot, but remember to add a couple stitches to make sure it is properly secure.
Cut the excess ribbon and put a thin strip of superglue at the edge to prevent it from fraying. Don’t apply glue directly to the ribbon; apply it with a small brush and softly run the edge of the ribbon across the cardboard.

Add Some Patches To A Monochrome Handbag

Have fun and get creative! Apply patches and even pins related to your hobbies and passions to your old bag. This is a perfect way to hide anything from scratches, unfortunate pen marks, and water damage. And if you keep the layout of the add-ons loose and organic, you can keep adding more to your bag, changing up the design each time.

Tie a Bandana or Scarf

This is a simple but very chic way to renew your old bags. Just tie it in whatever way you think is best. Bandanas are a pretty hot trend right now, but silk scarves can also give you a more stylish and classy look.

Paint Your Bag

If your bag has a blank space on it, you can have fun painting pockets, stitches, chains or bows on it. If you’re worried about making a mess, sketch your design in pencil on a piece of tissue paper and then put it on the bag and trace it with your paint pen. You can also try to use some acrylic craft paint. This works great on leather, cotton and synthetics items. Try to design it with some Painter’s tape, since it is gentle on surfaces. But in order to minimize the risk of the paint seeping under the edge of the tape, just apply it in thin coats. Once the bag is dry, pull up the tape and see what you’ve got.

Try not to go overboard. Paint just a single panel on the front of the bag; this will give it a more sophisticated look. And don’t paint the straps since those parts move too much and you don’t want to chip the painting.

With a little thought and ingenuity, you can make any old bag look new!


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