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Stylish Space Saving Ideas For Your Bathroom

It’s almost like there’s never enough space when it comes to fitting and styling bathrooms. You can install the essentials and still feel like you are running out of room. If you feel like this, you are not alone, as homeowners find it challenging to design a functional bathroom, save space and maintain style. Luckily, this post teaches you how to do all these without breaking a sweat. 

Here are space saving ideas for your bathroom:

  1. The right fixtures
  2. Use low and high hooks
  3. Install a shelf over the door
  4. Stack your shelves
  5. Install magnetic strips
  6. Invest in corner pieces
  7. Replace your swinging shower door
  8. Splurge on vanity with storage space

Continue reading to find out how the above-listed tips come together to give you the bathroom of your dreams. 

8 Stylish Bathroom Space Saving Ideas

The right fixtures

Sometimes, the only thing standing in your way of the perfect bathroom is a couple of decisions, and this starts with your choice of bathroom fixtures. If your bathroom is relatively small, you should consider using fixtures that help you save some square feet here and there. In addition, you should have a look at some new back to wall toilets I considered to be excellent examples of ingenious ways you can save bathroom space in style. 

Use low and high hooks

You probably have all the space you need in your bathroom; the chances are that it is just disorganized. One way you can keep your bathroom looking orderly without spending too much on expensive vanities is by installing hooks. You can hang some high up to dry your towels or store your robes and some lower to sort other must-haves. 

Install a shelf over the door

Are you struggling to come up with bathroom storage ideas? Here’s one for you. How about you stick a shelf over your bathroom door. That space is there doing nothing. You might as well repurpose it to hold items and necessaries you use less frequently. For example, you can store away extra towels and linens you would not need any time soon. 

Stack your shelves

This is one of the small bathroom ideas I would have thought of, but surprisingly many people do not know about it. The last thing you want in your bathroom is shelves and cabinets all over the place, especially when you are trying to recoup as much space as possible. The solution is to purchase shelves you can stack atop each other. 

Invest in corner pieces

You can not afford to be picky when fitting a small bathroom. It would be best if you made plans to adequately utilize the corners in the bathroom, which involves installing quality corner pieces. One option is to install shelves in the corner of your bathroom, or you can swap out your tub for a corner shower. 

Install magnetic strips

It would surprise you to know how many metallic necessaries you have lying around in our bathroom. You probably think they are inconsequential in the grand scheme of your bathroom appearance, but installing magnetic strips will go a long way in reducing clutter

Replace your swinging shower door

Have you wondered why your bathroom looks and feels smaller when the shower is open and much bigger when not in use? The answer is the shower door. Every time it swings open, it reduces the floor space significantly and restricts movement in your bathroom. The solution is to replace your swinging door with a sliding door. 

Splurge on vanity with storage space

Instead of having several items in your bathroom to help sort all your toiletries, you can make do with only one vanity that has more than enough storage space. Doing this frees up a lot of the room for use by you and your family. 

Saving space starts in the mind

You can implement all the ideas on this post and still find yourself struggling with space. This is because saving space starts with the mind. If you are not intentionally avoiding clutter and working with a mentality that actively seeks order, you’d be right back where you started. 

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