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Styling Tips to Give Your Breasts Some Extra Lift

Having perky breasts is a great asset. Because of this, most women want to give their boobs some extra lift. One way to do this is to go under the knife. Unfortunately, not all women can afford the expensive price of breast augmentation. Plus, this type of procedure has risks. The good news is that there are some ways to get perky boobs without undergoing surgery. To give you a better perspective, here are some tips to give your breasts some extra lift.

1. Cross Your Bra Straps

A simple trick to lift your breasts is to ensure that your bra straps are tight. You can start by shortening the straps. If this method is not enough, you can cross your bra straps. To do this, you can use a paper clip or safety pin to fasten the two straps together. By doing this trick, you will compress your boobs together, making them appear bigger.

2. Use a Highlighter

One of the best tips to give your breasts some extra lift is to use a highlighter. Most women are familiar with the effects of contouring. This technique is not only used for the face. When done right, it can also enhance the appearance of your boobs.

Contouring your breasts is easy. You only need to brush the highlighter on the upper area of your boobs. From there, you have to make sure that you blend the highlighter so that your breasts will look perky when the light reflects your chest. Aside from that, you can also brush some bronzer in between your boobs to give your cleavage some extra depth.

3. Wear a Tight Shirt

The easiest way to make your breasts look perky is to wear a tight shirt or blouse, preferably something that is a size smaller than your body frame. You can also pin your shirt at the back to make it tight. Remember, the tighter your blouse, the bigger your breasts will appear.

4. Use Silicone Pads

Another great trick on this list of tips to give your breasts some extra lift is to use silicone pads. To lift heavy boobs, you can place the silicone pads under your bust. You can also place the silicone pad above your nipple to give your breasts an upward shape, making them look perky.

Final Thoughts

Overall, these are some of the best tips to give your breasts some extra lift. As you can see, a breast augmentation surgery is not your only option. You can also try these easy tips and tricks to look sexy and fabulous.


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