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Step-by-Step Guide: What To Prepare To Build A Cleaning Service Company

Nowadays people are more inclined to build their own business rather than spending their day working 9 to 5 every day. This could be a great idea, but remember that being your own boss is not as easy as we might think. You have to think hard before deciding what kind of business you want to establish.

One of the easiest and has great prospects to be flourished is a cleaner service agency. Building a cleaning service business is definitely appealing, seeing that you don’t really need any special knowledge or even a big cost when starting it up. You can run and operate without having to put much at stake. Moreover, the need for a professional cleaning special is always constant. People like to have clean space, they understand the importance of it. But because of their busy schedule, or even because of their laziness, sometimes they do not want to clean by themselves. Thus, hiring a professional cleaning service is the ultimate way to help them.

Read on below if you are one of the individuals who would like to know more about how to build a professional cleaning service. To build this business you don’t only need cleaning equipment, but there are many other things to be prepared for. We’ve put together some of the important things that you need, in order to get your business running.

Cleaning Equipment

You’re mistaken if you think that the only things you require to build this business are basic cleaning materials. Nope, you will need professional cleaning equipment to provide the best cleaning to your client. Do not just choose your equipment based on its price, remember that the capital that you spend on the cleaning equipment –can help you to achieve a more successful business. Do not compromise the quality of your cleaning equipment, just because you want to save some money.  Here are a few examples of the equipment you’ll need:


To help make your staff clean effectively and efficiently, you should provide a trolley for them so they can transport all the cleaning equipment they need much more easily from room to room. Having this will definitely help them to clean faster and make them be able to carry out an excellent cleaning operation.

Vacuum and steam carpet cleaner

A vacuum cleaner will help to eliminate dust and dirt in the flooring area, thus this will also be important to have. Remember to choose an industrial-grade vacuum cleaner because you will use it frequently. You do not want your cleaning equipment to be easily broken.

For the area which is covered by carpet, you will need steam carpet cleaners to professionally clean them. Carpets will need a deeper cleaning to ensure that it is really clean and does not produce a bad odor, thus why you will need a top-notch steam cleaner.

Other cleaning equipment

To utilize cleaning duties, you will also need simple equipment such as microfiber cloth, mops, buckets, brush, squeegees, broom, duster, disinfectant, and many cleansers or solutions to clean the area. If you can, also stock up on some green cleaning solutions. Not only is it safer for our environment, but this can also be something that your client might prefer. Having this on hand will help to draw clients that favor a safe, all-natural cleaning method.

Protection equipment for the staff

Not only do you have to pay attention to the client, but you will also need to put your staff’s safety above all. Thus why providing protective equipment for them is needed. Remember, when they do the cleaning –their body will be exposed to the cleaning agents. Thus, you will need to prepare safety gear for the staff to use when providing cleaning service. The gear can include gloves made of latex,  dust masks, protective shoes, and also antibacterial handwash or hand sanitizer.

Marketing for the business

You won’t only need cleaning supplies to build this business. Just like any other business you need to also pay attention to the marketing side of the business. This is crucial if you want to expand your cleaning service company. The marketing side of the business can be done in several ways, from utilizing social media and websites, involving influencers, and many other strategies. If you do not think you can’t do it by yourself, then you have to hire someone who has the ability to do so.

Even though you have the proper equipment and professional staff, you won’t be able to make your business flourish without having a marketing strategy in place.

Incorporation & Legalities

Last but not least, you should also pay attention to the legal matter. Before you even pay attention to other things we have mentioned above –you should look up the regulations in your country first. What kind of permit will you need? What can you do to register your business? and many other things related to the legalities of your company.

If you are really blind about this and do not know what to start, you might want to consider hiring professional help. If you reside in Singapore, you can check out They will definitely help to make your plan to build your business much easier!

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