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Stay One Step Ahead at the Poker Table

Success at the poker table relies on more than the turn of a card. Like all card games, there is an obvious element of chance involved but to scoop the pot, you need plenty of other qualities too.

It’s all about harnessing skill and nerves of steel and while there is the potential for luck to become involved, mathematical probability can also help you to get the edge over the competition.

Developing a winning strategy takes plenty of time and hard work. You’ll need more than just an understanding of how to play poker, you need to think deeper. Every aspect of your game will have an impact on the result.

At the very start of your journey, you will need to assess the equipment you have at your disposal. To stay in the game, you simply cannot afford to have aged desktops that keep freezing because too much memory has been taken up. This doesn’t mean that you have to maintain expensive equipment, but your broadband and your PC or laptop will need to be reliable. Like all sports and games, getting it right at entry level will build a platform upon which you can build your skill level and grow your confidence.

Stay in Touch

Much of today’s online poker sites rely on mobile customers to develop their business. Play on the go accounts for a large percentage of online gambling revenue and you may decide that a few hands of poker via your mobile device is a more convenient way to play.

If that is the case, make sure that your device is upgraded to accommodate all of the latest software updates. The majority of poker operators now provide a mobile app, this is the most convenient way to access your account while on the move. If you have enough memory on your phone to accommodate it, downloading an app is a logical move.

Can’t Read it…

From the basic elements of online poker play, we now come on to some advanced techniques. We all know about the classic Poker Face but how important is it to keep your emotions in check while you’re at the table?

In the modern day, online poker rooms allow us to stay anonymous up to a point and it may well be that your opponents never even get to see you in the flesh. The majority of live casino rooms also maintain anonymity, but it is worth studying the routes to mastering that classic poker face as, if nothing else, they will help you to remain calm and in control when you need to make those big decisions.

The key lies in an area known as NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This is a complicated subject that you can scrutinize in more depth if you wish but it involves a technique known as ‘disassociation’ which means disconnecting from emotions and adoption a neutral frame of mind. It can be complex, and you may only want to dive in to that level of study if you play at a physical casino but it’s a fascinating process which can help to give you an edge online too.

Even if opposition players can’t see you, there are other ways you can reveal your emotions, to the benefit of the other players. For example, staking a huge amount on the first round of betting tells your competitors that you have a strong hand, meaning they’ll take a cautious approach – if you’re happy with what you see, think about what you’re doing and try to bet in accordance with the other players, although keeping your emotions in check can be harder than it sounds when you’ve been dealt pocket aces.

Stay One Step Ahead

They may not be able to see your poker face but rest assured that if you start to enjoy some success at the tables, other players will be scrutinising your style of play. Once you start winning a few hands, others will study your patterns to see if they can prevent your future success.

A neat way in which to stay one step ahead of the competition in this respect is to harness the power of multiple IDs. At this point, it’s important to state that you cannot sign up more than once with an online poker provider. Multiple accounts are forbidden but many of those sites allow you to use a number of different usernames when you hit the tables.

So, if you feel that some opponents are starting to ‘second guess’ your next move, or you win big and you feel as though the opposition may start to scrutinise your every move, consider changing your name to maintain that edge.

Find Your Niche

When you first arrive at an online poker site, the choice of different games and tournaments can be overwhelming. It is, however, important to study what’s available as one key to success lies in finding your perfect place in the poker world.

The most popular poker version for online players is Texas Hold’em. This is the game that many of us start out on and, as far as poker aficionados are concerned, this is the classic variant. But is Texas Hold’em right for you? Would you enjoy more success if you tackled another discipline such as Omaha or Seven Card Stud?

Along with finding your perfect poker game, you can also study different types of tournaments while many successful players also experiment with hitting the tables at different times of the day.

Winning at the poker tables is so much more than a game of chance. Use these tips to develop your skill and keep practicing. Over time, you can quickly progress from novice to a feared competitor who is more than capable of maintaining an edge over the competition.


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