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Stay Flexible on Your Next Trip to Cannes at Vinyasa Yoga Studio

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When planning a trip to Cannes, try keeping those plans a bit flexible. By that I mean drop by Vinyasa Yoga Studio while in town. Once you have experienced the world-class shopping and classic French cuisines, I would highly recommend stopping into a class to burn off those delicious macaroons! Only steps off the Rue de Antibes, which is often referred to as the “Rodeo Drive” of Cannes, the studio is perfectly located to pop into for a quick class before your next shopping excursion.

During my stay, I attended about a dozen classes. Each was different from the last, and challenging in a completely new way. Every time I thought I had mastered a technique, the instructor and manager Phillipe Bruneau challenged me further with up-leveled postures, new equipment, and a push to go deeper into postures than I had experienced before. His teasing remarks that the crazy position he just instructed me into was “easy and simple” often made me laugh, which sometimes lead to falling out of the pose, and also helped me to loosen up and remember that yoga is a practice and practice is not always perfect.

Here are a few ways Vinyasa Yoga Studio in Cannes stands out above the many studios I have visited around the world.


Individual instruction

For the very-flexible, it is often easy to cheat a bit during yoga class. With great flexibility it is easy to sink into a posture without using the proper muscles to hold the body up. I must confess that I am a wimp, and have done this a time or two…or a hundred. However, none of my little cheats or lazy sinking into poses escaped the eagle eye and friendly critique of Phillipe. In cute and funny ways he inspires all his students to lift higher, pull stomachs in tighter, and breathe deeper than they thought possible.



It is sometimes easy to forget that yoga is a practice. As we become serious about pushing to the limit of each pose, goal-oriented mentalities can seek perfection instead of growth. While pushing his yogis to their absolute limit, Phillipe helps his students laugh and enjoy the very important posture of the lips called a smile.


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