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Stay Fit While You Travel

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These days, it takes a lot to stay in shape in light of how often we’re on the go. Work, life, family demands and other things pull us in a billion different directions, and it’s so easy for exercise to fall off the list of priorities. However, as we know, consistent exercise is key to living a long, happy, healthy life. That’s why we’ve created a list of the top apps that’ll help keep you active and in shape while you travel.


You’re used to jogging your neighborhood loop, which is three miles, which you can do in 30 minutes. When you’re away? How can you ensure you hit this mark? RunKeeper is the app that’ll track your exercise. It has a GPS, and it tracks time, distance and speed. All it takes is the press of a button, and the app tracks you as you explore a new place. The computer generated voice notifies during the run of time, distance and speed in order to ensure you stay on track.



My Fitness Pal

Most people don’t eat well on the road, and as you well know, a huge part of your fitness efforts as a whole will depend on your efforts in your diet. My Fitness Pal is an app provides people a way to track what they eat very specifically, and lists the nutritional value per meal and per day so a finger can be kept on what’s being consumed. Simply stated, it’s a great way to empower yourself and to hold yourself accountable even while traveling.





There’s no doubt that most of us don’t drink enough water, even at home. Take your show on the road for work or vacation? Some are lucky to drink two glasses of water in a day, much less their daily recommended amount. Waterlogged is an app that allows you to track just how much water you’re drinking, so that you can get the recommended amount as well as your fair share of coffee and cocktails.



Tabata Pro .¨ Tabata Timer

Tabata routines are perfect for exercising on the go because they can be done right from a hotel room if need be. What’s a Tabata? Tabata’s are simply intense interval workouts: choose 8 exercises, things like squats, lunges, jump rope, planks, burpees… and doing 20 seconds on as quickly as you can, and 10 seconds rest in between, switch between all 8 exercises. As you might guess, timing is imperative but can be tough without the right app. Tabata Pro Tabata Timer app is a special timer that is effective for incorporating a timer for every activity and every rest, so you can train exactly to the time from anywhere.




Nike Training Club

This app gives you a number of ways to work out .¨ perfect for those times you don’t have any fancy equipment handy. Whether you travel with dumbbells, resistance bands, or nothing, Nike Training club has everything that you need in its 30-45 minute routines that include video tutorials, and
even calendar syncing abilities for that daily reminder you need.

Don’t fall off the bandwagon when you go on that business trip. Rather, download one of these apps that’ll help you keep up the great work in terms of fitness, even on the go.




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