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Starbucks Launches New Plant-Based Coffee Smoothies

Starbucks is launching plant-based beverages with new dairy-free ready coffee smoothies. This move is in response to the major demand from the consumers for more dairy-free products.

The company is going to offer two new drinks: the new Doubleshot Coffee Smoothies with almond milk. These are the first plant-based coffee smoothies and will be available in both dark chocolate-banana and vanilla-honey-banana. Since the last one contains honey, it could not be considered vegan, but both of these new drinks are 100% dairy-free.

According to SheKnows, the demand for plant-based products increased over 8 percent last year according to 2017 Nielsen research. In a recent interview, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson said consumer interest in drinks like Frappuccinos are actually decreasing, and that’s why they were looking to create more plant-based cold-brew protein drinks
along with lower-sugar and lower-calorie drink items.

COO Rosalind Brewer also talked about, early in the year, about the company’s plan to launch form vegan products. “We know our customers ask us that repeatedly, and we’ll be responding,” said Brewer.

Since then, the chain has presented more vegan options. In the UK, the menu includes two new wraps .Æ one with sweet potato falafel and the other with kale and jalapenos, along with a new vegan raspberry cake and a mango and lime fruit pot.

Meanwhile, US stores recently included vegan macadamia cookies, lentil salads, and overnight oats. The new dairy free coffee smoothies are not available for purchase in Starbucks stores, but in grocery stores across the U.S.



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