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Star Trek Beauty Celeste Yarnall Dies at 74

Actress Celeste Yarnall passes away from cancer

Iconic beauty Celeste Yarnall passed away on October 8th after a lengthy battle with cancer.

And although she was fighting cancer, her fans were still surprised at her passing because as recently as October 4th, Celeste was still posting on her Facebook page saying, “Today a decision was made to set up home hospice for me with palliative care and of course my beloved husband Nazim is the most amazing angel on the planet and is right by my side as is my wonderful daughter and sone in law but these folks can give me IV fluids, pain meds and we soon find out what else they can do.
We’ve increased my oxygen flow but the cough, spasms and suffocating mucus along with the pain in my chest has made my life absolutely miserable. I’ve not been able to sleep…”

But this morning, Celeste’s husband, Nazim Artist, posted on his Facebook page confirming that she had lost her battle with cancer, “It is with GREAT SORROW that I must share that my Beautiful Beloved Queen Celeste Yarnall, has Ascended into the Celestial Realms, taking her place among the Stars, where she will continue to SHINE the Love & Light Illuminating All whose lives she touched .¨ be they Human, Animal, Plant or Flower. Her BRILLIANT RADIANCE always a force for the greater good all her life, will Beam in all eternity. I as her husband, her twin flame, her sacred other held her close as her divine Butterfly wings began to flutter and take flight.
Her loving family was with her and we were all so blessed to be present. SHE WAS MY MULTI-VERSE & WILL REMAIN SO FOREVER. Memorial details to be announced soon.”

Fans know Celeste most for her appearance on “Star Trek” as Yeoman Martha Landon. And this role in “Star Trek” garnered her faithful followers across the globe.

Recently, Celeste was also involved in the “Star Trek” sci-fi spoof “Unbelievable!!!!!” which also features over 40 previous “Star Trek” actors, entertainment icon Snoop Dogg and actor Michael Madsen.

Celeste not only acted in the film, she also took on the role of co-executive producer.
In addition, Celeste is known for starring opposite Elvis Presley in the comedy “Live a Little, Love a Little”. And she also starred in classics such as “Bonanza”, “Bewitched”, “Burke’s Law”, “My Three Sons”, “Gidget”, “Hogan’s Heroes”, “Columbo”, “Mannix” and many more.

In her personal life, Celeste was successful in many other pursuits.
She received her PhD in nutrition in 1998 and even wrote two best-selling books, “Natural Cat Care: A Complete Guide to Holistic Care for Cats” and “Natural Dog Care: A Complete Guide to Holistic Care for Dogs”.
And she also became a successful commercial real estate agent and raised champion Tonkinese show cats!

Celeste will be remembered by many as not only a smart and savvy businesswoman.
Her closest friends said she was always smiling and they commented on her positive outlook on life.
She was simply a joy to be around and will be missed by everyone she touched around her.


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