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Stacey Blanchet of Blanchet Designs

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ACG: Currently, what is your go-to fabric and why?

SB: I am a big fan of Jersey and leather. I love working with very structured fabrics. I am getting into French velvet prints that I think are very exciting to work with. They make such a statement as they are all strong fabrics.

ACG: The past few months have been full of energy and great opportunities. How are you closing out 2012?

SB: Blanchet Designs will be entering 2013 with clothing in 3 boutiques in Beverly Hills carrying custom designs by us. We are starting a four month marketing campaign to raise awareness of these pieces and have targeted about 14 magazines and 4 European Magazines to carry our collection photos. Very exciting period for us! We will also be finishing one of our three OSCAR dresses and start working on the GRAMMYS.

ACG: How did you and (Blanchet Designs co-designer) Janaki Ravinutala come together as a team?

SB: Janaki and I met on Craigslist in San Diego. I was looking for an experienced seamstress and pattern maker. We are very, very, good together in terms of bouncing ideas off of each other. We have come to know what each other’s strengths and weakness are and work very well within those. We complement each other and bring out the best and worst in each other–all the makings of a great partnership. It is a real one. We do not hold anything back in terms of what we think should happen with the business and designs.

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