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Squalane Oil: The Super Olive Oil You’re Missing in Your Skincare Routine

It can get exhausting trying to memorize all of the many skincare ingredients on the market. Every year there seems to be a new fad and obsession with one ingredient that everyone claims saved their skin. It’s very tiring to keep up with trying every new obsession. That’s why here at VIVA GLAM, we save our time and energy for the ingredients that are so much more than just a trend…and that’s what happened with the squalane oil.

What is Squalane Oil?

As the name would suggest, squalane is an oil that is actually naturally found in our skin. It’s oil that is found in animals and humans that works to prevent the loss of hydration. Typically, it is derived from olives, but can also be found in many vegetable oils.

Benefits of Squalane Oil

Hydration, hydration, hydration! The first and foremost benefit of using squalane oils is how hydrating they can be. The oil deeply penetrates the skin and stabilizes your skin’s hydration. It gives you a dose of moisture while also preventing the loss of it overtime.

It is no secret that hydration is the key to anti-aging. The drier and rougher your skin is, the more likely you are to show signs of aging. That is why another benefit of squalane oil is its anti-aging properties.

Squalane oil has amazing healing properties. It can heal wounds and treat scars. 

The Evil Twin Sister: Squalene

It’s all fun and games until you confuse squalane with squalene. It’s only a letter, but the difference between the two is so much more. Squalene is also commonly sold in skincare and has been hyped up. But what many people don’t realize is how it is derived.

The two ingredients work the same and offer similar benefits, the only difference being that one involves animal cruelty! As we said squalane is derived from olives, while squalene is derived from animals and most commonly shark livers.

What’s unfortunate is that not many companies state clearly what their squalene/squalane is derived from. So, it is up to you to go the extra mile and do some research to make sure your newfound miracle oil is cruelty free! A safe bet would be brands that label the product 100% squalane oil!

Squalane oil is great for all skin types, so enjoy this new anti-aging, hydrating super oil!

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