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Spritz! How to Properly Apply Your Perfume to Make it Last and Last!

For many women, perfume is a daily must have to make them feel beautiful and feminine.
But how many of us know the do’s and don’t’s of perfume application? How do you make perfume last all day? And how much spritzing is too much?
How do you get the most out of your treasured, favorite scents?


  • Firstly, spray all of your pulse points. This includes behind your knees, wrists, inside your elbows, the nape of the neck, behind your ears and, believe it or not, your hipbones! Why? These areas are naturally warmer than other parts of your body. As your heat intensifies, so does your scent.


  • Spray your perfume eight inches away from your body. This allows your perfume to mist thereby making it easier to be absorbed into your skin.


  • You can also spritz your hair and clothing, but be careful to not go overboard and spray too much or your scent can be overwhelming.


  • And, contrary to popular belief, don’t rub perfume in. By rubbing perfume, you reduce its longevity. So resist the temptation and your perfume will last longer throughout the day.


  • And finally, store your perfume in a cool, dark place. Also, if you can store it in its original box, that is ideal. If stored properly, your perfume will last up to two years.




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