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Because Spring Requires Pretty Feet

Sandal weather is just around the corner and that means exposed feet and toes. Avoid scaring people on the street with just your feet, and get them fixed up at home with the Asian beauty secret, Baby Foot. This is not some heavy cream you rub nightly onto your feet and heels. No, this is a full-out chemical peel for your feet. It sounds crazy, right? Why would your feet need a chemical peel? Through research, it has been discovered that friction creates dead skin that needs to be filed away. This does it, and does so naturally!


As you know, when you get a pedicure someone rubs your feet with a stone to remove calluses and dead skin. This filing against the heels and soles of your feet creates more friction, which is the same friction that causes more dead skin that will need to be removed. Baby Foot works by peeling the dead skin cells from your feet by way of 17 natural extracts that contain high moisturizing and astringency properties. The peel also maintains the grain of your skin, which allows for better moisture absorption.


Pretty Feet Baby Foot Easy Pack



Here are 7 tips to getting baby soft feet with Baby Foot Peel.


Soak Your Feet

Indulge in a bath with your new bath bomb or favorite bubble bath while you soak feet for 15 minutes. Dry feet off and slip the Baby Foot Peel booties on and use the clips provided to clip loose ends. Netflix binges are recommended.


Leave it on for 60 minutes

It is recommended to leave the peel on for an hour, but depending on how rough your feet are an extra 20 to 40 minutes is fine. Use this time to catch up on Santa Clarita diet or the new season of Chef’s Table.


No Open Wounds

If you have any small cuts or open wounds on your feet, do not use Baby Foot Peel. Acid peels are just not safe to be used on open wounds or cuts.


Soak Some More

Don’t be discouraged or disappointed if nothing happens right away. It is recommended to soak your feet again until your feet have completely peeled. This could take up to 1-4 nights. Also remember friends and family might not share your same excitement. Be weary of TMI foot pics.


Rub your feet

As the skin begins to peel off you’ll be tempted to pick at your feet. Instead, lightly rub your hands against your feet to brush away all the peeling skin.



Don’t use Baby Foot Peel on a busy weekend. Feign illness and lock yourself away if you must. Frankly, peeling skin is kind of gross and it’s really not dinner table talk. Let the after results speak for themselves.


No Lotion

Moisturizing the peeling skin will only prolong the peeling. It might feel uncomfortable but it is worth it. If you can’t bear it any longer, a small amount of lotion is acceptable. Any period of discomfort will soon be forgotten.




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