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Spring is almost here and it is time to bring it on. A well rounded workout program has strength, flexibly, and cardio. Here is an example of a balanced training program.


Weekly Breakdown


Mon: Strength/plyos-Lower Body (Large muscle groups)


Tues: Strength-Upper Body (Large and small)


Wed: Abs/Cardio


Thurs: Full Body Plyos


Friday: Strength-Arms/cardio







Form: Make sure to have proper form for every exercise. Stand tall, abs tight, chest up, and shoulder blades back. Use the mind to muscle connection to visualize your physique. For example-If you are doing biceps-when you contract your bicep, hold the squeeze for 2 seconds and feel the contraction. Do not swing weights!



Monday: Lower Body


3 sets/12-15 reps except plyos


Walking Lunges with weights


15 jumping lunges


25 step ups each leg


Leg Press


15 jump squats


1 min jump rope


Side leg squats with resistance band on


15 jump squats


1 min jump rope


Hamstring curls (machine)


Legs extensions


1 minute mountain climbers


Calves (machine)


Jump rope 1 minute


Repeat from the top until 3 sets are completed




Tuesday: Upper Body


3 sets/12-15 reps


Back rows


Reverse cable flys


1 minute jump rope


Bench press


Cable flys


1 minute mountain climbers


Pull ups


Dumbbell shoulder press


30 sec high knees


Lat pull downs


Dumbbell lateral side raises


1 minute jump rope


Repeat from top




Wednesday: Abs/Cardio


3 sets/20 reps in correct form


20 regular crunches on floor


20 regular crunches with feet in air


Bicycles (endurance-for as long as you can)


20 Bosu ball crunches


20 half bicycles on bosu (Each side)


Bosu plank (endurance-for as long as you can)


20 hanging leg raises


Side plank with leg in air (endurance-for as long as you can)


Regular plank (endurance-for as long as you can)





30 minutes of cardio- sprint outside, run bleachers, or a cardio class



Thursday: Full Body Plyos


60 minutes of cardio/strength fun. Today you are going to do a workout with machines. Keep that core tight! You will need a timer or use your phone! My iphone has a timer. I use it all the time.


3 sets


2 minutes jump rope (Can jump in place if no rope)


30 seconds high knees


25 step ups each leg on bench or step


30 second mountain climbers


2 minute jumping jacks


25 step ups on bench or step


30 seconds side jumps


30 second side hops


25 step ups on bench or step


1 minute of push ups, do as many as you can in 1 minute


Repeat from top until you have completed 3 sets for the first week. Next week add an extra set for a total of 4 sets!



Friday: Arms/Cardio


3 sets/10-12 reps


Cable bicep curls


Cable tricep pull downs


Cable dumbbell shoulder press


2 minute jump rope


Barbell bicep curls


Barbell tricep extensions laying down (skull crushers)


Barbell shoulder press


1 minute mountain climbers


Dumbbell hammer curls (biceps)


Dumbbell tricep kickbacks


Dumbbell upright rows


Arm circles forward and backward for 20 reps


2 minute jump rope


Repeat from top



Saturday: YOGA



Sunday: REST



The combination of strength, cardio, and flexibility training is the key to building a strong body along with whole food nutrition.



Yours in Health,


Marzia Prince



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