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Spring Fashion Must Haves

Can you believe that winter is coming to a close? It’s time to put away those adorable scarves and mittens and to break out your wardrobe for warmer weather! This Spring do your best to stay ahead of the trends by wearing any one of our favorite Spring Fashion Must Haves!


Floral Prints

We’re loving floral prints for the Spring! One thing we love about floral prints is that there’s such a variety to choose from. Feminine, bold, and beautiful, floral prints are available in nearly every piece of clothing you can imagine: shirts, scarves,
skinny jeans, even sneakers all have floral options, and when worn intentionally, these items will be a huge part of the statement you’re trying to make with very minimal effort.


spring-fashion-florals Image source: IG @nwbestdressed @lovinghautecouture
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Image source: IG @nwbestdressed @lovinghautecouture


Cinch Bag

Think of these as cute little sacks for your back. we love them! They’re a throwback to the early 90s, and styles and choices vary widely to suit any style or taste. Consider using a cinch back in place of a regular purse as you peruse your favorite store, or as a carry on for that Spring Break flight to Jamaica.

pom poms, tassels, and fringe imoshion bag
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Simple, Flat Loafers

This spring, if you’re looking for class and sophistication, go ahead and bring home some simple, flat loafers. If you find yourself in the world of “business casual” even just every so often, the simple, flat loafer is a must-have for your spring wardrobe. Wear this shoe with dress slacks, khaki pants, or dress up your favorite dark denim, for that important team meeting.


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Image IG @dune_london


Khaki Pants

Speaking of simple, flat loafers, khaki pants are also making quite the comeback this year! They’re classic, simple, versatile, and come in a variety of styles depending on your preference. Cropped skinnies are a big hit to be worn with flats and a dressy shirt, or if you prefer trouser fit that’s always a great option for business occasions with a classy oxford button up.


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Looking the part is a huge part of committing fully to an athletic lifestyle. Sneakers are non-negotiable for the active person who enjoys staying in athletic style, even when they’re not actually at the gym. White sneakers are all the rage for spring, and there’s a variety of options depending on your style: high tops that resemble basketball sneakers and minimalistic ankle high sneaks are both great choices for the average sneaker lover this spring.


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Image IG @nordlandersskor

No matter what your fashion style, these fantastic fashion items should not be missed this Spring.



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parley-adidas-ultra-,Adidas is Banking On Shoes Made from Ocean Trash!
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