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Spring 2017 Swimwear Trends

It’s hard to believe that warmer weather is again just right around the corner, but it most certainly is! Now’s the time to be looking ahead towards this year’s swimwear trends so that you can plan accordingly to make sure your wardrobe is stocked. With a little intentional thought, planning, and of course shopping, you’ll find yourself in a major position to turn heads on the beach and at the pool this spring and summer.


Bright Colored Prints

Doesn’t matter the cut or style of your suit… as long as you have bright colored prints you’ll be on swimwear’s good side this season. Modern, abstract or floral designs, polka dots of all sizes, and animal prints are all winners when it comes to bright-colored swimwear!



If you’re a fashion forward trend follower, you’ve no doubt noticed that tassels are in. They’re in on shirts, on boots, and .¨ that’s right .¨ on bikinis. They come in nearly any color and any cut, though our favorite is a halter with long tassels that hang down from the top to just below the belly button.

This bikini trend is creative, fun, and great for covering up a little more of your body than a regular bikini. Beware, though, of crazy tan lines! Plan to pull those long tassels aside or tuck them under your underwire while you soak in that vitamin D.


Image courtesy of Luli Fama


Fun Styled Bikini Tops

Our bikini styles haven’t changed much over for the last many years. We’ve always had the same triangle, bandeau, halter, and what I can only call, the bra top. But designers are getting a bit more creative with their
bikini cuts this year. 2017 will showcase a plethora of options so varied, that the hardest part will be choosing yours!


Fun-Top-Styles-Maaji, Swimwear trends

Images courtesy of Maaji Swimwear


Creative One Pieces

It’s no secret these days that one-pieces are back; but not just any old boring one-piece… one-pieces that are fun, creative, eccentric and wild are where it’s at. Perhaps you’ve seen them already, and you’re not quite sure that you’re cut out for that style. The good news? The opportunities, the styles, the cuts… they’re endless and there seems to be one for every style.

For those who are comfortable showing more skin and would like to try an alternative to the traditional
bikini, try a one piece with cut out sides. Another fun option for some coverage with a unique twist? Single strap suits that fall to one side. Deep cut suits are incredibly sexy this season, great for those ladies who have a chest they’re excited to flaunt. Finally, criss-cross laces are a fun and chic way to show off a new suit this season.



Images courtesy of Sauvage Swimwear


Don’t settle for the same old suit on the beach or at the pool this season! Take every opportunity to learn what’s in style and rock a new suit on the beach this summer!



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