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Spa Relais Offers the Perfect Getaway in Westlake Village

The VIVA GLAM team visited the Westlake Village Inn last week, and while the property itself is an amazing place to stay for any vacation or staycation, the thing that stood out to us the most is how local-friendly it is! The property at Westlake Village Inn stretches out through beautiful greenery, a picture-perfect lake, and several European-inspired hotel buildings. But that’s not all. Nestled across the property was also The Stonehaus, a wonderful spot for catching a bite and enjoying some wine, Mediterraneo, a delicious dinner spot, and, of course, Spa Relais. Spa Relais is conveniently onsite for anyone staying at the Westlake Village Inn, but it’s also a great day spa for anyone in the Westlake Village area looking to get away for the day. We visited this gorgeous spa and were blown away! We highly recommend a visit for anyone in the Westlake Village area!

After entering the chic spa building, we were handed our Mimosas and walked back into the locker rooms. We immediately noticed the amazing lighting in the locker rooms and the never-ending space of mirrors. There were plenty of vanities to get ready in, hair dryers, and ample counter space. And the lighting was actually great lighting for applying makeup, something many spas don’t get right. So, you can come for a service, take a quick shower, apply your makeup, and be on your way. Or, if you’re looking to make a full day out of it, you can take advantage of the pool, the spa, the steam sauna, the dry (Finnish) sauna, and the snow shower, too. In fact, while we really enjoyed the steam sauna, I won’t lie and say that we weren’t captivated by the Snow Shower. I’ve never seen anything like it. You hit a button to have a shower of snow come down on you, which is actually extremely beneficial for the health of your skin, hair, and immune system.

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Editor-in-Chief Katarina Van Derham and Content Manager Malorie Mackey

Along with robes to change into, the lockers have a little pouch for you to put your phone in which serves as a reminder to leave your technology behind as you relax and enjoy your session.

As you exit the locker room and enter the spa for your service, you’ll instantly notice the beautiful décor. The stone walls, breathtaking chandelier, and soft seats of the common room are enough to make anyone want to sit and stay for a while. There’s hot tea, beverages, and small treats for you to enjoy there, as well.

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Content Manager Malorie Mackey

Each room at the spa is wine-themed, and they are unbelievably charming. The massage bed is more comfortable than any massage bed I’ve ever laid on, and you get a cute little view of grapes in a bucket under the table as you enjoy your massage. Every detail of the spa was thought out meticulously to give you the best and most relaxing experience. And it was unbelievably clean! Katarina kept telling me how impressed she was by the cleanliness of Spa Relais and the Westlake Village Inn, in general.

As someone who has recently been experiencing a lot of stress, I finally felt myself unwind at Spa Relais. And my massage therapist was a real pro. I prefer to get a deep tissue massage with medium pressure, and after I told that to my masseuse, she got it just right. When I mentioned I am prone to headaches, she knew just what to do to release the tension from my head and neck. I left feeling as if I was on a cloud.

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Content Manager Malorie Mackey

If you can spend several hours to truly experience Spa Relais, I highly recommend you do so. When you’re done there, I encourage you to hop over to The Stonehaus for a quick bit after, as well. Whether you are staying for a few days at the Westlake Village Inn or are local to the Westlake Village area, you should absolutely stop in and visit Spa Relais as soon as possible. You will be glad you did.


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