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Souping Over Juicing: What to Sip in 2018

Why not try souping over juicing this year?

You might have heard that many people have been juicing for health benefits. In fact, juicing has been a popular trend for many years now.
Fans of juicing do it to detoxify their bodies, lose weight, and for overall health. Now, there is a new trend in town that might just surpass the juicing movement. What is it? Souping!

If you haven’t yet heard of souping, it is when you substitute four to six vegetable-based soups for regular meals or snacks. Similar to juicing, you can either create these soups from scratch at home, or you can order soups that are ready-to-go from retailers.

But is souping all that different from juicing? Well, there are some similarities between the two. Both of them involve a lot of produce and are low in calories.

However, souping involves whole vegetables that are either pureed or chopped. As a result, souping contains more fiber. When you juice, much of the fiber is taken out by the processing of juicing.

Also, most people juice with more fruits than vegetables. This adds up to more sugar intake on the whole; whereas, souping usually contains more vegetables.

In addition, souping can contain more protein as it emphasizes beans, lentil, yogurt, and even nuts. Juicing typically does not do this.

If you are souping, you might want to learn how to create these delicious soups yourself. Subscribing to a mail order or delivery service to create and bring you soups can be expensive. So, how can you start? Try making one hearty soup a day to replace one daily meal. Make certain it has a high-water content and contains vegetables that have a lot of fiber.
Also, you can add beans, lentils, or other non-animal product for extra protein.
Many of these soups are easy to reheat and freeze for later on, too! They make an easy grab-and-go option to take to work.

So, this year why not try some delicious, hearty soup that is high in protein, fiber, and vegetables! Your body will definitely thank you for it!

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