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Throughout the ages, there have been many perceptions of Asian Beauty. Some have viewed Asian women as delicate, passive or subservient pieces of jade, otherwise known as the China Doll. According to, the China Doll is often perceived as “exotic, overly feminine and eager to please.” Others may view Asian women as harsh leaders who control a matriarchal society, the Dragon Lady. And still others view Asian women as objects of sexual fetish, the Geisha. According to, these images are “narrowing the spectrum for identity and self-worth for Asian women.” In fact, according to the South China Morning Post, Asian women have gotten increasingly angry with these stereotypes and recently started using the hashtag #notyourasiansidekick on social networking. What does this mean? They are voicing their complaint over always being stereotyped as “quiet, obedient, good wives/girlfriends, sexually repressed, thin, pretty and smart.”

As you can see, by rejecting these stereotypes, today’s Asian women have begun to voice their concerns about how society may perceive them. They are independent, young women who have influenced the worlds of business, politics, fashion and culture. They are career-oriented, smart and philanthropic.

Consequently, this new generation has found a sense of freedom that is reflected in their style and beauty. They are not afraid of risk when it comes to fashion incorporating traditional looks with a modern twist. For example, combining the fashion of the traditional geisha with the Rockabilly influenced style from the Roppongi district of Tokyo. Or perhaps they will mix traditional classical fashion with glam rock. From street fashion to haute couture, she is leaving a lasting impression on the future. Today’s Asian woman: she is independent, free-thinking and has finally come unto her own. What will she create in the next fifty years? Will we see her in the future as the next President of the United States? Can you see her as the next leader of the free world?

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