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Some Fun Things to Try Out in Michigan

Michigan, the 26th state of the United States of America, is famous for many activities, attracting tourists frequently. Also known as the Wolverine State, the state was named after Lake Michigan in America. Michigan’s capital is Lansing, and the biggest city of the state is Detroit, in midwestern state of Michigan.

Trip to Turnip Rock

Surrounded by the lake,  Turnip rock is so-called due to its resemblance with turnip, with a few trees on the above rocky surface resembling the top of a turnip. Starting from Port Austin, you should reach this iconic bucket list item in about four hours of paddling.

Michigan Science Center

Located in the state’s biggest city, Detroit, Michigan Science Centre is one of the most exciting places to visit for people of all kinds and ages. Revealing the most unimaginable concepts of the universe, this science center is sure to grab your attention at every point. The location hosts many intellectual activities for kids alongside educating them about basic concepts of Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and much more in creative and exciting ways. Whether it is the daunting lightroom or upside-down witch room, Michigan science is full of creativity coming to life.

Mackinac Island

Away from the constant hubbub of the city, this island aims to take you down the path of tranquility for a little while on this famous ocean. The ferry ride gives passengers a beautiful ride in the waters, away from the perpetual chaos of everyday life. When reaching the land, you will witness the most scenic view of horse carriages, castle peaks, blossoming foliage, and hiking trails, all in one big glance. Neighboring the beautiful scenery of nearby towns, hills, and greenery, you are sure to cherish this place as your own.

Traverse City

While some people like to head out and spend their day touring Traverse town. One of the attractions you can find here is the Turtle Creek Casino and Hotel. Tourists who like casinos spend their time playing slots or other table games, in this renowned casino. Other players enjoy Traverse from the comfort of their bed or couch playing in the Michigan online casinos. Each online casino site or app in Michigan offers various games and entertainment for visitors. These casinos are legal in Michigan and loved by everyone.

 A Must Trip to Holland

The city of Holland in Michigan was founded by some of the most historic Dutch settlers in the neighborhood. They had a very rich culture combined with their ancient heritage and unique traditions. These people were highly religious, owing to the fact that you will find plenty of churches in this city to date. Every Dutch neighborhood in Holland is wonderful, with small houses painted with contrasting colors and large windows.

Detroit Institute of Arts

Ranked amongst the top 10 universities in the domain of art in the entire United States of America, this institute holds its pride in its students, who have significantly contributed to what this institute is today. Once you step inside the institute’s museum, you will witness famous artists’ most iconic art pieces. Moreover, this museum also displays sculptures and paintings.

With a valid entry ticket and a children-friendly environment, this institute is a must-visit when in Michigan.

Trip to Lansing

While it is common for tourists to be so overwhelmed with the beauty of Detroit to forget Lansing, it is a notable thing to keep in mind that Lansing is the capital of Michigan and holds a vast horizon of picture-perfect spots and places.

Not only is Lansing the official seat of the government of Michigan, but it also holds the key to many political and historic museums, monuments, and breweries. Enjoy a sandwich in the mesmerizing garden of W.J Beall Botanical Garden or sip wine in one of the most ancient breweries in the state, the world of Lansing is worth a visit.


Sixty miles south-west of Detroit, 20 miles south in the direction of Ann Arbor, and at a distance of forty miles from Toledo, Ohio, Tecumseh is a small town in the state of Michigan accommodating a small number of around 10,000 people.

People visiting from big cities should see this small and experience the clear thin air, warm food, and tranquil nature of the countryside, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday human life. The town of Tecumseh hosts a harvest festival every year, which attracts many farming enthusiasts and locals from nearby villages.


Named under the coolest vacations spots in the entire state of Michigan, Kalamazoo is a very old city established in 1829. The most important attractions for tourists visiting Kalamazoo are the Air Zoo, the Museum of Midwest Miniatures, and the Binder Park Zoo. Zoos in Michigan are very famous as they showcase many exotic animals such as moose and cougars.

While planning a visit to Kalamazoo, make sure you go in the right weather, neither too cold nor too hot, so that you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Hike to the Summit of Sugarloaf Mountain

While reaching the summit of this renowned mountain in Michigan may sound tiresome and boring, the journey to the summit is an achievement in itself. Although the hike is very steep, it is well adjusted for beginning hikers and has stairs at some places. Located on Country Road 550, Marquette, in Michigan, people living in the city do not let go of the wholesome view of the landscape they get to see from the summit. It is so rewarding yet soothing to see the sun setting and the moon coming up simultaneously with the whole city below you within your sight.


A trip to Michigan is memorable for everyone considering the amount of fun and entertainment this place has to offer its visitors. From its vast online casinos to numerous adventurous sports, Michigan has something for everyone out there looking for an exceptional holiday away from their hectic everyday routine.

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