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Smile Care and Other Essential Grooming Tips for Fashion Models

Being in a show biz requires a charming personality. From your appearance to your gestures, everything should measure up to the highest standards.

Once you choose a career in fashion modeling, you’ve got to gear up for perfection and make lasting impressions.

But do you fear that your personality is lacking something?

Do you feel the lack of self-confidence holding you back from performing your best?

Don’t worry! 

Every successful fashion model has been in these shoes at some point. 

Until, of course, they got groomed for the industry. 

Read on to learn the well-accepted grooming tips for fashion models.

Smile Care

Maybe you could settle for a less-than-perfect smile in a different profession. That’s far from a  reality for fashion models.

If your teeth are not perfectly aligned, you should go for cosmetic dentistry to set them right. It can take at least a few weeks to several months depending on how much work your teeth need. 

Besides being perfect in shape, your teeth also need to be on the whiter side of the spectrum. Whiter teeth will not only add sparkle to your portfolio shoots, but they will also shine brilliantly on the ramp.

Remember, the teeth whitening procedure isn’t permanent. So rather than making a lifetime subscription for teeth whitening with the dentist (is that even possible??), get an at-home teeth whitening kit. 

Smile Brilliant is a great choice in this segment. Their kit has personalized teeth whitening trays that will leave your teeth bright and shining from every angle.

Hair Styling

Women commonly play safe with hairstyles, sticking to medium or long lengths only. But when you’re associated with the fashion industry there’s no stopping you from experimenting.

You must understand, however, that your choice of hairstyle or hair color should suit your face type and complexion. 

Consult a professional hair stylist to consider your options and make the right decision.

Whatever style you choose, don’t forget that caring for your hair remains the top priority. Always use high-quality hair care products and take restorative treatments from time to time.

Skin Care

Healthy skin radiates all the time, with or without makeup. And to achieve that glow, you’ve got to work quite hard.

Regular facials, exfoliation and topical treatments will ensure that you don’t have to deal with premature signs of aging. 

Don’t go overboard trying every new skincare product in the market. Figure out the products that work for you and stick to them.

Diet and hydration play an important role in keeping your skin glowing and problem-free. That’s why, don’t compromise on your nutrition, no matter how busy your schedule is.

Also, as the golden rule for fashion models goes: you can never skip waxing, pedicures and manicures.

Personal Makeup

It’s true that in this profession, you’ll usually be styled by a professional makeup artist. But you still need to know the basics of self-makeup.

As you’ll always be expected to look presentable and stylish, you can’t afford to get noticed with zits or dark undereye circles.

Knowing how to do your own makeup will get you through those personal and public events where you’re unable to get professional makeup.

Dressing Sense

As a fashion model, your fashion sense should be flawless. 

Bold or otherwise, any dressing choice you make will be judged by your spectators. 

Though it’s safer to follow the line of trending fashion than to make a personal fashion statement, don’t be afraid to express your uniqueness. 


Everything looks better when it’s polished. The same goes for your personality.

Your looks and style will be appreciated a lot more when you’re mindful of your manners and etiquette.

Remember, all you need is a little confidence and a lot of grace.

The Final Word

You’ll face many ups and downs in your career. That’s inevitable.

That’s why emotional grooming is just as important as personality grooming.

If you want to embrace success (and all its side effects) in this career, you’ve got to equip yourself with emotional intelligence. Meditation and calming techniques can help you get over work stress and personal challenges and achieve a healthy work-life balance.

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