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Slovak Erin Brokovich, Zuzana Caputova Elected President

Slovakia elects their first woman president, Zuzana Caputova, into office!

Slovakia is showing the rest of the world just how progressive they are by not only electing an environmental activist as President, she’s also a woman!

Zuzana Caputova has just been elected President of Slovakia. And this is groundbreaking on many levels. Not only is she a champion of environmental causes, she is a lawyer and the first woman to attain the position of President in this country.

Indeed, there are very few women who hold the position of Head of State elsewhere. So, Caputova will serve as a role model for young women all over the world. In fact, she’s already been called the “Erin Brokovich of Slovakia” because of her 10-year fight to close a toxic landfill in her hometown. She succeeded. And for this, she was awarded the 2016 Goldman Environmental Prize in San Francisco, California. 

This past Saturday, Caputova said, “I offer my expertise, emotion and activism. I offer my mind, my heart and my hands. I want to be the voice of those who are not heard. Under the constitution, people are free and equal in dignity and in rights, meaning nobody is that irrelevant to have their rights compromised, nor is anyone that powerful to stand above the law.”

She is also the youngest person to serve as President of this country, a single mother of two, previously divorced and a supporter of LGBT rights!

Caputova’s campaign for the presidency centered on anti-corruption. She was elected vice chairman of Progressive Slovakia. Progressive Slovakia is a liberal party that was created a mere two years ago. She said, “I see a strong call for change in this election following the tragic events last spring and a very strong public reaction.” By saying this, Caputova was referring to the murder of Jan Kuciak. Kuciak, 27, was a journalist who was found shot to death in his apartment last year alongside fiancée, Martina Kusnirova. Kuciak had been reporting on tax evasion involving both businessmen and government party leaders. As a result, Prime Minister Robert Fico resigned amidst scandal.  Kuciak was killed and his murder led many in Slovakia to publicly defy this political corruption.   

As a result, Caputova said in her inauguration speech that she is aiming for a new justice system that is equal for all.

Congratulations to Slovakia and newly elected President Zuzana Caputova!

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