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Skylar Stecker: On New Music and Becoming a Vegan


You are a Peta2 ambassador. When did you become a vegan and why?

SS: I simply love animals and am a huge supporter of helping to protect them in anyway I can. I went vegan a few years ago because I have learned that even one person not eating animal products can make a difference.

What is your favorite vegan meal that you love to eat in your downtime?

SS: I am a total foodie and love all vegan food, but my favorite thing is always going to be tofu. Seriously, anything with tofu I love!

You’re an aspiring fashionista. What are your favorite vegan clothing brands?

SS:I love Stella McCartney! Her purses are amazing! Hopefully one day I will carry a vegan line of my own.


Listen to her BRAND new single, “Blame” below!



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