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Skincare Tips to Keep You Glam This Festive Season

Got your office Christmas party coming up? Want to make sure you look perfect in all your selfies and holiday season photo shoots? No matter what your plans are, Christmas is undoubtedly that time of the year where you’re going to dress to impress. And with this being the case, you shouldn’t let bad skin hold you back! As we gear up for the holiday season, here are a few quick and easy tips to glowing inside and out.

Buy Skincare Products in Accordance with Your Skin-Type

Essentially, there are three ‘types’ – or categories – that your skin falls into. These are dry, oily, and combination. The first two skin-types are fairly self-explanatory.

If you have dry skin, this means that your skin doesn’t produce enough oil which leads to peeling and rough patches. If you have oily skin there can be a build up of oil in the pores which leads to spots and blackheads. Combination is just a mixture of both with some spots being rough and others having too much oil.

Different skin types require different products. Helpfully, most skincare products already indicate on the packaging what kind of skin types they serve, but here is a little further advice just to get you on your way.

For oily skin, you want products that are less moisture-rich. Tea tree and witch hazel, for example, are popular products for oily skin.

Meanwhile, for dry skin, your products should have a creamy, moisturizing base. As for your moisturizers, make sure they are thick and that you have an even thicker moisturizer for nighttime, as your skin rejuvenates.

Finally, when it comes to combination skin, you need to find the right balance with products that remove oil from some of the problem areas whilst not drying out your skin in the process.

Treat, Don’t Squeeze

We all know the frustration of a huge pimple appearing the night before a big event. However, did you know that squeezing it does more harm than good? Not only does it further inflame the area, but it also means that you are opening up a small wound where more oil, makeup and other grime and bacteria can get in, which will put you back to square one.

It is much better to leave it be save for preventative measures in your skincare routines or specific products that are designed to target specific pimples. Don’t have the latter to hand? Toothpaste works just as well – but be careful not to leave that on too long!

The same goes for acne scars. Although acne scars might just look like they need a squeeze, if you keep touching acne scars you risk inflaming the area. If you feel insecure about your acne scars, you could always talk to your doctor about the possibility of anti-acne medication like Accutane. Another more pricey but effective treatment for acne scars is laser removal. There are several businesses, such as Acne Scar Removal NYC that specialize in this treatment, so although it is expensive it offers long-term benefits.

Beware of Facial Scrubs

Although facial scrubs are often cited as the new cleaning “wonder-product”, oftentimes they can do more harm than good. Facial scrubs can sometimes be beneficial, but you should use them sparingly and stick to scrubs with smaller micro beads. Larger micro beads or too-frequent scrubbing can lead to small, microscopic tears in the skin which are not only sore, but incredibly damaging.

They can also lead to random dark spots on the skin and premature ageing due to their abrasive nature. Facial scrubs are a type of exfoliate, where old skin cells are “scrubbed” away to make way for new ones, which often have a fresher and brighter appearance. Although exfoliants can be beneficial, you should always read the instructions carefully and proceed with caution – especially if you have sensitive skin!

Following these skincare tips and tricks will keep you looking radiant this holiday season!


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