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Six Fun and Fast Ways to Edit Your Photos for Instagram

Fun photos on Instagram can get a lot of attention. You might think you don’t have the time to continually create eye-catching imagery to post on social media, but when you use the right methods, you can come up with the perfect creations in no time at all.

Transform Your Photos into Works of Art

You don’t need to have artistic flair to turn ordinary photos into works of art. Instead, you can simply use the tools of top-quality photo editing software to instantly add effects to your photographs like watercolor, oil painting, impressionist, pointillism, and pop art effects.

In a matter of seconds, you could turn a self-portrait photo into a Van Gogh masterpiece or a photo of your poodle into a fun and popular pop art piece that gets plenty of shares on Instagram. 

Turn Your Photos into Cartoons 

A few of the best photo editing suites have a tool that enables you to turn photos into cartoons. If fun is the main factor in creating your Instagram images, using an editing tool to make a face-shot into a portrait cartoon, for instance, can be a great option for getting your followers’ attention and receiving likes and shares. Pets can particularly look great “cartoonized.”

So, try out a few different photos with this fun effect. 

Use Online Editing Tools to Reshape Your Photos

You can dress the right way to look slimmer. But you can also edit photos to look thinner. Cameras sometimes capture subjects that look wider than expected, but by using a photo reshaping tool, you can quickly fix the problem and make your image look slimmer.

Whether you want to make a cityscape narrower or you want to make a photograph of yourself look thinner or taller, the slimming tool of good photo editing software can help you transform your imagery.

You can also have a lot of fun with reshaping tools to create images that will get noticed on Instagram. For instance, you could reshape a photo of a watermelon to make it look squarish!

To Keep Up with the Latest Instagram Trends, Use Light Flares and Reflections

If you want to stay up with the latest Instagram trends, add light flares and reflections to your photographs. Photos with those effects have been making great waves on Instagram this year; mainly among millennial and Generation Z influencers.

You don’t need to create special lens flares when taking your photographs. Instead, you can achieve the effects in the edit. By using a light flare tool or a tool to create reflections, you can come up with some fun and vibrant imagery.

Pink Hue Is Truly the Way to Go

Another recent big trend on Instagram is using pink hues and filters on posted photos. Again, this trend has been particularly popular among young people; especially young women who want to capture the Barbie-esque ‘90s feel.

Indeed, there seems to be a new era of Barbie-related fashion upon us. Adding a pink tone to your images can certainly make your photos look more fun, and there are plenty of editing apps and presets you can use to create the pink effect fast. 

Create a Quality Collage

Why post one image in a single shot when you can post many? Yes, we’re talking about colleges. Creating a collage out of various photos can enable you to come up with some fun and attention-grabbing imagery for your Instagram feed.

Furthermore, if you don’t have the time to spend trying out different layouts, or you simply don’t feel as though you possess the necessary artistic talent, you can use an online collage wizard that will make a collage for you.

All you need to do is upload your photos and click a single button. So, this is a fast way of making fun collages for Instagram.


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