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Single AF and Looking for a Change? Here’s Where You Should Move

Being single isn’t always easy, but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. The key is to look at your single status as an opportunity and believe that good things are around the corner.

If this doesn’t work and dating opportunities aren’t coming your way, you could consider moving! Recently, a study was conducted by Wallethub to identify which states in the U.S. are the best and worst for singles and dating. They judged all 50 states on 27 key dating indicators. For this purpose, they considered three primary criteria:

Dating Economics: This included factors like job growth, housing affordability, employment rates, and median annual household income. The study also took into account the cost of wine, beer, grooming services, and recreational activities.

Dating opportunities: This part of the study looked at the number of single adults, gender balance of single adults in each state, and dating opportunities (offline and offline).

Romance and fun: This took into account the number of movie theaters, nature parks, music festivals, restaurants, nightclubs, and other recreational activities in each state.

The results clearly pointed to the fact that life for singles in some parts of the country is easier than others.

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Hollywood, California

The Top 5 States for Singles

    • California
    • Florida
    • New York
    • Texas
  • Pennsylvania

Single, ready for a change and wondering where to move? California is your best bet. With an overall rating of 66.75 out of 100, California has the most number of dating opportunities. When it comes to romance and fun, it takes the second spot. On the flipside, it does rank second to last in terms of dating economics. So while you may end up finding love, it won’t be cheap!

Your next best option is vibrant Florida. The sunshine state is home to a lot of singles, offers excellent dating opportunities, and a good ratio of single men to women.

When it comes to the worst states for singles, the results are quite interesting. 

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Little Rock, Arkansas

The 5 Worst States for Singles

    • Arkansas
    • West Virginia
    • Alabama
    • Mississippi
  • Kentucky

Arkansas has a score of just 34.47 overall due to the fact that opportunities for fun and romance are limited.

In addition to the complete list of states, the study also highlighted some other interesting tidbits. While Louisiana has the most number of single adults, Utah has the lowest. Washington has the best online dating opportunities, with Mississippi on the opposite end of the spectrum. When it comes to gender balance, Maine has the highest while North Dakota has the lowest.

Does this study have you packing your bags? Will we see you in sunny California? Best of luck to you all with your dating adventures!


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